Just Because

Just Because

Just Because is the first single from the Strays album.  It was released on July 15, 2003 by Capitol Records.  The song has an accompanying music video that features the band inside a dome of lights.

Alternate Versions:

A 12″ single was released in Australia, Canada and Europe.  It includes two live bonus tracks recorded from the December 31, 2002 Jane’s Addiction concert at the Wiltern Theater, in Los Angeles, CA.  The cover & disc artwork are the same across all versions, the only differences are subtle differences in the liner notes.

A 7″ single was also released in Europe and only includes Suffer Some from the December 31, 2002 Jane’s Addiction concert at the Wiltern Theater, in Los Angeles, CA.  This version was released on CD and 7″ vinyl.

The U.S. promo version of the single comes in a slip case.  The back of the slip case is perforated so you can see the inserted disc.  The disc itself includes a design where white shapes can be seen through the perforations on the case’s backside.

A promo released in Ireland has the same cover as the single versions, the backside includes a faded picture of the cover and a sticker with the following quote about the band:

Jane’s Addiction, who, along with Nirvana, helped light the fuse of the rock n’ roll revolution in the earl 90’s, are back!  The band broke up in 1991 after releasing two of the most successful albums of that era, 1988’s ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ and the 1990’s awesome ‘Ritual de lo Habitual’.  Now 2003 sees them return with ‘Strays’, an album which sounds as fresh and raw as they did way back when.  The first single, ‘Just Because’ went to radio in the US a couple of week back and was instantly…
#1 most added at Alternative Radio
#1 most added at Active Rock Radio
and #1 most added at Rock Radio

Jane’s Addiction are back!!! Prepare to be addicted!!!

Track Listings:

12″ Single:

  1. Just Because
  2. Suffer Some (Live)
  3. The Price I Pay (Live)

7″ Single:

  1. Just Because
  2. Suffer Some (Live)

The vinyl version has track 1 on side A, and track 2 on side B.


  1. Just Because

Release Date: 07/15/2003, 7/11/2003 (Irish Promo)
Released By: Capitol Records
ID Number(s): 7243 5 52628 2 0 (12″ Single), 7243 5 52637 2 8 (7″ Single), DPRO 7087 6 17866 2 0 (Promo)
Medium(s): CD, 7″ Vinyl
Time: 14:07 (12″ Single), 8:17 (7″ Single), 3:53 (Promo)


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