Drum Nation Cover
Flyin' Traps Cover
Look At All The Love We Found Cover
Pro-Mark Cover
Super Bad @ 65 Cover
Welcome To Our Nightmare Cover

Aside from the notable compilations displayed above, Stephen Perkins appears in the following compilations as well:

  • Homeboy Loud Couture
    Sony Music Entertainment (485120) – 1996 – CD
    Infectious Grooves – Therapy
  • Rolling Stone Presents: New Voices Vol. 36
    Rolling Stone/Optimal Media – 06/2000 – CD
    Broadcast – City In Progress

Note: due to the sake of our own sanity and the simplicity of this list, we’ve chosen not to include compilations that include tracks that Stephen Perkins has made a guest appearance on with another band, only bands and projects that Stephen has been a member of.