Chef Aid: The South Park Album

South Park: Chef Aid Cover 2

Chef Aid: The South Park Album

Chef Aid: The South Park Album is a compilation by Columbia and American Records.  Released on November 24, 1998, this compilation includes Perry Farrell performing with D.VD.A. along with DJ Nu-Mark on the track Hot Lava.  D.V.D.A. is South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s band.  Their band’s name comes from their movie Orgazmo, and stands for “double-anal, double-vaginal”.

Alternate Versions:

There are three primary versions of this album.  The first two have the daytime cover with Chef on stage in the background, there are both explicit and clean versions of the album with this cover. Both of these versions come with the blue and gold disc, and have a blue border with the albums name on the left side of the inside u-card.  This cover was also used in Australia and Europe.  The third version has a nighttime cover, and contains the explicit version of the music. This version comes with the silver and blue disc, and has a black border on the left side of the inside u-card.

Track Listings:

  1. South Park Theme
  2. Nowhere To Run (Vapor Trail)
    Crystal Method
  3. Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You)
  4. Brad Logan
  5. Come Sail Away
    Eric Cartman
  6. Kenny’s Dead
    Master P
  7. Simultaneous
  8. Will They Die 4 You?
  9. Hot Lava
    Perry Farrell & D.V.D.A. Featuring DJ Nu-Mark
  10. Bubblegoose
    Wyclef Jean
  11. No Substitute
  12. Wake Up Wendy
    Elton John
  13. Horny
    Mousse T. Vs. Hot
  14. Huboon Stomp
  15. Love Gravy
    Rick James
  16. Feel Like Makin’ Love
    Ned Gerblansky
  17. Rainbow
  18. Tonight Is Right For Love
    Chef & Meatloaf
  19. It’s A Rockin’ World
    Joe Strummer
  20. Mephisto and Kevin
  21. Mentally Dull (Think Tank Mix)

Release Date:  11/24/1998
Released By:  Columbia Records / American Records
ID Number(s):  CK 69631 (Clean), CK 69790 (Explicit), CK 69377 (Nighttime Cover), 493052 2 (Australia), 491700 2 (Europe)
Mediums:  CD
Time:  77:22


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