Flyin’ Traps: Stereo Drums

Flyin' Traps Cover

Flyin' Traps: Stereo Drums

Flyin’ Traps: Stereo Drums is a compilation of drum-centric tracks assembled by Redd Kross drummer Brian Reitzell.  Released on September 23, 1997 by Hollywood Records, Stephen Perkins appears with his track Monkey in Brazil.  This track is exclusive to this release.

Track Listing:

  1. Theme From Wrong Holy-O
    Matt Cameron & Taz Bently
  2. Noodles
    Micheal Musburger
  3. Headphones Theme from Seemingly Infinity
    Steven Drozd
  4. Mokey In Brazil
    Stephen Perkins
  5. Do You Remember Walter?
    Dan Peters Combo
  6. Snake & Mongoose
    Brian Reitzell
  7. Carl
    J Mascis
  8. Don’t Ruin Me Gorgeous
    Alexis Fleisig
  9. Barnburner
    Barrett Martin
  10. Chorkle Is Dead
    Joey Waronker
  11. The Gay 90’s
    Josh Freese
  12. Choked
    Tim Alexander & Mike Bordin
  13. Lime
    Mac McNeilly
  14. The Steel Box
    Chris Vrenna
  15. Vomit & Orange Juice
    Dale Crover

Release Date:  09/23/1997
Released By:  Hollywood Records
ID Number(s):  162064
Medium(s):  CD, Cassette
Time:  54:08

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