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Skin And Bones

Skin And Bones is a silverback CD bootleg released by Youth Records.  The bulk of the content on this CD comes from a soundboard recording taken from the Jane’s Addiction concert on March 4, 1989 at Barrymores in Ottowa, ON.  However, the largest draw of this bootleg is the inclusion of six unreleased demos from Perry Farrell’s pre Jane’s Addiction band Psi Com.  This is a rare and highly sought after bootleg CD.

The Jane’s Addiction concert recording is fairly good, although the quality of the soundboard recording is degraded due to tape degeneration.  Higher generation recordings of this show can be found in show trading circles.   This show is quite entertaining, and a rare Canadian show silverback bootleg.  Apparently during the show, one of the venue’s bouncers was, in Perry’s opinion, being too rough with the crowd.  So during Pigs in Zen, Perry sang “The bouncer is a pig” and verbally assaulted him through the song.  Other performance notes of interest about the show are the amusing band introductions by Perry during Ted, Just Admit It and references to the World Wrestling Federation.

The Psi Com demos are both vocal and instrumental versions of three unreleased Psi Com Songs recorded at Radio Tokyo studios in 1984 in Venice, CA.  The instrumental demos can also be found on the Pigs In Zen bootleg.

The final track on this bootleg is a comedy bit called New York Telephone, which was added on as “filler content” by a tape trader who obtained and leaked recordings of the Psi Com demos.  It has no relation to either Jane’s Addiction or Psi Com.

A huge detractor to this bootleg is the extremely poor disc mastering.  Single tracks contain multiple songs and do not adhere to what is displayed on the disc’s artwork.   Additionally, the disc artwork claims the concert is from a 1988 concert, but in reality, the show took place in 1989.

Track Origins:

Tracks 1-6a: 03/04/1989 – Barrymores, Ottawa, ON
Tracks 6b-8: ??/??/1984 – Radio Tokyo, Venice, CA
Track 9: Unknown

Track Listings:

  • Up The Beach
  • Whores
  • 1%
    1% and Idiots Rule
  • Idiots Rule
    Ted, Just Admit It…
  • Standing in the Shower… Thinking
    Pigs In Zen
  • Summertime Rolls
  • Psi Com Demos
    14th Floor
  • Psi Com Demos
  • Psi Com Demos
  • Psi Com Demos
    14th Floor (Instrumental)
  • Psi Com Demos
    Cat (Instrumental)
  • Psi Com Demos
    Karuna (Instrumental)
  • Psi Com Demos
    New York Telephone

There are only 9 tracks on this disc, instead of the advertised 16.  1% and Idiots Rule both appear on track 3.  Summertime Rolls and the vocal versions of the Psi Com Demos all appear on track 6, the instrumental versions of 14th Floor and Cat appear on track 7. Karuna is on track 8, and New York Telephone is on track 9.

Released By: Youth Records
ID Number: YTH-081
Medium: CD
Quality: Mixed
Source: Mixed
Time: 71:04


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