Had A Dad

Had A Dad Cover

Had A Dad

Had A Dad is a promo single from the Jane’s Addiction album Nothing’s Shocking.  Released by Warner Brothers in 1988, this song was never given a commercial single.  This promo is relatively rare, and even more rare with the cover artwork intact.  On the back of the cover artwork is an entry form for a “sickest addiction” contest.  Musically, this promo only contains the title track.

The contest encourages people to send in a description and photos describing their “sickest addiction.”  The form suggests entries may be used in a forthcoming EP artwork and used for a research project in higher eduction.  We’re unsure what became of this contest, as it may have been a complete joke and simply a gimmick to get more radio airplay for this single.

The text describing the contest is as follows:

Fill this in for a chance to win a cool prize!

Hello Amerikuh… Are you losing control of your life? You’re not alone anymore. Lay down your concealed weapons, dig up the buried and take a polaroid. We’d love to read about and see your sickest addiction. We’ll accept any photos you’ll send (special thanks to Hank Warzy for the stained underwear collection!). Some of them may be used by Jane’s Addiction for their up and coming EP artwork and for a research project for higher education entitled ‘Bizarre Toilings of the Low Sighted’

The most impressive addict wins a festive looking reptile complete with his own back yard, compliments of Jane’s Addiction.


Track Listing:

Release Date: 1988
Released By: Warner Brothers
ID Number(s): PRO-CD 3324
Medium(s): CD
Time: 3:44


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