Winners forget they’re in a race they just love to run.
Aren’t women perfect short fat mean or cold they’re perfect.
The one true love will bring you joy and ache.
So does running.
Great men know true bliss is freedom and justice.
My road to freedom is commitment.
To honor my commitments is justice.
I don’t look through the eyes of the dead and learn from the sick.
I have had to pay my own way and I am ready to work.
When I don’t like someone it’s because they look like I feel.
I think a smart man prepares for an honorable death.
So that’s why i’m so busy.
When a good man lives he brings joy.
When he dies we ache.
Don’t let it be a regret.
Graduate life with honor and no regrets.
Give me honor oh please.
I just need to see myself.
I need to have have respect for myself before I leave.
So give me honor.
I just want honor.
Honorable out.

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