Wish Upon A Dog Star

Wish Upon A Dog Star "Black Disc" Promo Cover

Wish Upon A Dog Star

Wish Upon A Dog Star is the debut single, from Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party.  Released on April 24, 2007 by Columbia Records, this is the only full single from the band’s debut album, Ultra Payloaded.

Alternate Versions:

There are several different single track promo singles for this song.  In the United States, two versions exist.  Both US versions come with the single’s artwork as the promo’s cover artwork.  One version comes on a silver CD, the other on a black CD.  The sticker on the “Black Disc” version of the US promo contains the same quote as the UK promo.  The UK promo comes with standard promo comes in standard promotional packaging.  There is also a European promo single that comes with the same artwork as the official single and US promo singles.  The Australian promo single comes with a promotional photo of the band on the cover.

There are also two remix singles for this song.  The first remix single includes five mixes of the song, and the second remix single includes seven different remixes.  Both remix promos lack the album version of the title track.

The iTunes version of the single is currently no longer available.

The following quote is take from the “Black Disc” US Promo and UK promo singles for this song:

Perry Farrell, alternative rock originator and one of music’s most influential figures, returns with his new project Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party.  His new group is a bold and ambitious project that finds the founder of Lollapalooza in his first post-Jane’s Addiction recording effort, creating an innovative album.  Perry has hooked up with a feast of guests with his new band for the album including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Peter Hook who features on this single (you can’t really miss his bass lines) and quite extraordinarily Jim Morrison!  One of the album’s highlights features an unreleased Jim Morrison vocal track, the first unheard Morrison performance in almost 30 years.  Perry Farrell and Satellite party are currently working closely with Stop Global Warming (www.stopglobalwarming.com) and Global Cool (www.global-cool.com) to cool off the planet.  Satellite Party com to the UK to play Wireless on 14th June where they will play with White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age.

It is interesting the promo notes this project as Perry’s “first post-Jane’s Addiction recording effort” as both Porno For Pyros and Perry’s solo work predate this album.

The following is taken from the Australian promo single:

  • Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party is the exciting new project from the former Jane’s Addiction / Porno For Pyros frontman.
  • Former extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt joins Perry as the core of the band.
  • Possibly the coolest thing to come out of the US in a long-time, this band is destined for big things worldwide.
  • The album “Ultra Payloaded” includes appearances by Flea & John Frusciante of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, New Order bassist Peter Hook and an amazing appearance by Jim Morrison of The Doors.
  • As Perry explains ‘It’s a hybrid… It is lush and beautiful and sexy and loaded with energy’
  • ‘Wishing On A Dog Star’ is the first single to be taken from the debut album scheduled for release June 2nd.
  • So ‘Get your groove on, your new shiny shoes on’ and join the Satellite Party!

Of interesting note, the lack of capitalization of the band Extreme’s name on the second bullet point, and the song title typo on the second to last bullet point.

Track Listings:

  1. Wish Upon A Dog Star
  2. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Hybrid Club Mix)
  3. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Hybrid Instrumental)
  4. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Eddie Baez Remix Club Mix)

Promo Single:

  1. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Radio Edit)

Remixes Promo v1:

  1. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Hybird Remix – Radio Edit)
  2. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Hybrid Remix – Club Mix)
  3. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Hybrid Remix – Instrumental)
  4. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Eddie Baez Remix – Radio Edit)
  5. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Eddie Baez Remix – Club Mix)

Remixes Promo v2:

  1. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Gomi Main)
  2. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Gomi TV)
  3. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Gomi Instrumental)
  4. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Gomi Dub)
  5. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Passengerz Club)
  6. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Passengerz Radio)
  7. Wish Upon A Dog Star (Mix B Main)


Porno For Pyros’ guitarist Peter DiStefano, and electronic group Hybrid both contributed to this track. Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson of the Black Eyed Peas performs backing vocals, and Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order plays bass on the song as well.

Release Date: 04/24/2007, 03/05/2007 (US Promo), 04/03/2007 (Remix Promo v1), 05/08/07 (Remix Promo v2), 04/16/2007 (Australian Promo)
Released By: Columbia Records (North America), Sony BMG (Europe)
ID Number(s): 88697 09001 2 (“Silver Disc” Promo), 88697 00742 2 (“Black Disc” Promo), 86970 90012 6 (European Promo)
Medium(s): CD, iTunes
Time: 28:29, 3:59 (Promo), 31:26 (Remix Promo v1)


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