My Cat’s Name is Maceo

My Cat’s Name is Maceo or simply is a Jane’s Addiction song that was originally supposed to appear on the album Nothing’s Shocking. Originally titled just Maceo or Macio, it was felt the song sounded too “pop-ish” and did not fit the mood on the rest of the album.

Perry’s cat Maceo was named after Maceo Parker, a jazz horn player who used to play with James Brown. In 1997, Maceo Parker would lend his musical skills to update the demo version of this song found on the Kettle Whistle album.


My cat’s name is Maceo
He’s a little man in a cat’s body
Well he yawns just like I do
He’s convinced that I won’t eat him

I think he thinks that I’m his dad
Because I saved him from the pound
Well we went down, down to the pound
And that’s where we saw Maceo

La la la la la…

Cat catcher said to me, “Go ahead and pick one out”
And Maceo said “Let me out!”
He sleeps right where I do
And we wrestle in the morning!

La la la la la…

He come to you if you don’t bother him
He just likes to do his own thing (do his own thing)
My cat’s name is Maceo
He’s a little man in a cat’s body

Here we go
La la la la la…

Known Performances by Jane's Addiction: (3)

  • 1987/07/08 - Sacramento, CA, Cattle Club
  • 1987/07/10 - Los Angeles, CA, Variety Arts Theatre @ The Variety Arts Center, The
  • 1987/09/?? - Los Angeles, CA, Lillian Way Studios
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