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Banyan is the self-titled debut album from Stephen Perkins’ jazz/fusion side project Banyan.  It was released on May 6, 1997 on CyberOctive Records.  This album also features Mike Watt on bass, Nels Cline on guitar and Money Mark, who is credited as The Freeway Keyboardist, on keyboard.

This album was dedicated to Stephen Perkins’ deceased brother Marc.

The following blurb is taken from the back of the CD:

Banyan founders Stephen Perkins and Dave Turn experiment in sound drawn on a diverse range of inspiration for their debut album – from Miles Davis to Stravinsky and points in-between.  This largely instrumental tour de force also features the talents of Mike Watt, Nels Cline and The Freeway Keyboardist.  Recorded by the Dust Brothers and mixed by John King of the Dust Brothers.

Track Listings:

  1. Baby Grace and the Indians
  2. People Find It Hard
  3. At The Blowhole
  4. Christmas Tree Park
  5. What’s Left of Autumn
  6. Looking For Now
  7. The Roots of Banyan
  8. A Good Looking Couple

Release Date: 05/06/1997
Released By: CyberOctive Records
ID Number(s): COCD2005
Medium: CD, iTunes, Amazon MP3
Time: 52:59


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