Alternative Collection

Alternative Collection Cover

Alternative Collection

Alternative Collection is a Jane’s Addiction “best of” album from Israel.  Released in 2003 by Warner Brothers Entertainment, this collection contains tracks from the entire career of Jane’s Addiction.  Interestingly enough, nearly half of the album is taken from Strays, which was released by Capitol Records in 2003, the same year listed on this collection.  Also of interesting note, the album’s ID Number on the packaging (WB33025CD) does not match the number on the disc (WB33016CD).

Track Listing:

  1. True Nature
  2. Just Because
  3. Strays
  4. Ain’t No Right
  5. Been Caught Stealing
  6. Ocean Size
  7. Had A Dad
  8. The Riches
  9. Wrong Girl
  10. Then She Did…
  11. Mountain Song
  12. Jane Says
  13. Pigs in Zen
  14. Suffer Some
  15. Superhero
  16. Idiots Rule
  17. Classic Girl

Release Date:  2003
Released By:  Warner Brothers Entertainment
ID Number(s):  WB33025CD (On Case), WB33016CD (On Disc)
Medium(s):  7″ Vinyl


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