Psi Com - June 13, 1985 - Club Lingerie, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Date: June 13, 1985
Location: Club Lingerie, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded: Audio
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Aaron Sherer
Vince Duran
Kelly Wheeler


14th Floor
Human Condition
Ho Ka Hey
Kettle Whistle (Beautiful Too)
Greedy Was The Beggar

Show Information:

Psi Com opened for Savage Republic. The Abecedarians and Drowning Pool also performed.  An early version of what would become the Jane's Addiciton song "Kettle Whistle" was performed.  According to Perry, the working title for the song at the time was "Beautiful Too".

The self-titled Psi Com album was sold at this show.

The scans are from the L.A. Weekly dated June 7-13, 1985.

Thanks go out to Reena for confirming this show with the L.A. Weekly scans.