Banyan - March 21, 1997 - Hollywood Moguls, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Date: March 21, 1997
Location: Hollywood Moguls, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded: Audio
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert

Show Information:

Polar Bear also performed this night.

Thanks go to SDW for the show confirmation and articles

Allstar Magazine - March 24, 1997 Mazzy Star Lulls L.A. In Fundraiser Los Angeles - Hollywood Moguls March 21, 1997 (Pirate Radio benefit) We all know that rumored Jane's Addiction reunion never happened and isn't exactly on the horizon. But those attending the fundraiser for Los Angeles, California's pirate radio station, KBLT, at Hollywood Moguls Friday (March 21) had high hopes after seeing Perry Farrell, Stephen Perkins, and Eric Avery in attendance. (No signs of Dave Navarro, though). Avery was there with his new band Polar Bear, while Perkins was alongside Mike Watt and Nels Cline in Banyan. With a noisy start, Polar Bear shook off the winter's hibernation to the small crowd as they plunged through four songs, including "Water." Then the Dust Brothers played. Mazzy Star then took the stage after an inordinate break and played a handful of tracks from their most recent album Among My Swan including "Disappear" and "Flowers in December," and from the previous albums, "Mary of Silence" and "Ride It On." But singer Hope Sandoval's reserved approach -- she mostly stared at the floor in dark lighting -- failed to significantly connect with this audience. So when, after a not- so- rousing applause, the band retook the stage for one last song, "So Tonight That I Might See," it was to scattered enthusiasm, and an otherwise successful night ended on a perplexed note. -- Simon Rust Lamb
Spin OnLine - March 24, 1997 Mazzy Stuns Hollywood!! Los Angeles - Hollywood Moguls March 21, 1997 (KBLT benefit) A rare club appearance by Mazzy Star was one of the highlights of last Friday's KBLT benefit at Hollywood Moguls in Los Angeles. The well-attended show also included sets by ex-Jane's Addiction bassist Eric Avery's new project, Polar Bear, keyboard innovator Money Mark, experimental supercoalition Banyan, and local glam-pop darlings Touchcandy. The impressive lineup was assembled to raise money for KBLT, a local microradio station covertly operating in the Los Angeles area. While the "pirate radio" broadcasts have been going on for over a year without any FCC interference, the station's operators conceived the benefit to raise a "nest egg" in the event of future legal problems. And the fundraiser was a rousing success. Held at a relatively small venue, the show had been long sold out, with hopeful crowds clustering around the door for the evening's duration. One time Angelenos Mazzy Star don't make it into town much anymore (this was the second time since the release of their most recent album, Among My Swan) and the faithful -- mostly male -- were crowded up front for their set. Singer Hope Sandoval, clad in a pretty, lacey blouse and bathed in violet light, made a striking centerpiece to Mazzy Star's languorous rootsy blues. While her stage presence has often been described as offputting or aloof, tonight she stood right up front and sang straight to the audience, her voice mixed strongly and clearly. Other highlights included the intense noisemaking of Banyan, featuring Mike Watt, Nels Cline, and Stephen Perkins (two bands tonight featured ex-Jane's Addiction members; Perry Farrell was spotted hanging out; guess all those legendary differences are being placed to rest), and a late-night set by Touchcandy. Although most of the crowd was trickling out by the time Touchcandy came on, singer Dave Willis' hammy, charismatic moves and the band's New Wave exuberance provided the purest fun of the lengthy evening. -- Mara Schwartz