Dave Navarro - Blue Light Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Date: ??/??/1998
Location: Blue Light Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded: Audio (studio)
Status: Unconfirmed
Type: Studio
Lineup: Dave Navarro
Chad Smith

Set List:

Mourning Son
The Bed
Sunny Day
Easy Girl
Avoiding The Angel
Venus In Furs
Cry Myself To Sleep
Not For Nothing
Mourning Son (Reprise)
Somebody Else
Message From Twiggy
Everything (extended Mix)
No Friends

Show Information:

These are the recordings of the Spread demos with Chad Smith.  Some of these songs were recorded over multiple dates (and for some material, possibly as early as 1995).  Originally it was thought the bulk of the work with Dave and Chad took place in 1999, but Chad left the project before then.