Dave Navarro - January 15, 2004 - K-Rock Studios, New York City, NY

Date: January 15, 2004
Location: K-Rock Studios, New York City, NY
Recorded: Video (studio)
Audio (studio)
Status: Confirmed
Type: Radio
Lineup: Dave Navarro
Carmen Electra

Show Information:

Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra appearing on the Howard Stern Show. Dave plays "Gay Anal Ring Toss". Video from this interview was used on Howard Stern's show on the E! Network. The following is a synopsis from MarksFriggin.com

Carmen Electra and her husband Dave Navarro came in to promote their latest stuff. Howard said that Carmen looked really good today. He said he likes her new hair color. Dave handed Howard a birthday gift and it was Carmen's DVD set ''Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease Series.'' Howard said anything with Carmen in it is good.

Howard moved on to talk to Dave Navarro for a couple of minutes. He's still in Jane's Addiction and he told Howard that they give Howard credit for getting them back together. Howard interrupted him and said that he thinks Dave might be kind of gay because he hangs around with so many dudes. Dave said he's not gay and he did a lot of that kissing guys thing when he was in a different head space back then. He said he doesn't have any desire to do anything to guys at all. He said that he never gave or received oral from another guy. Howard heard that Perry Farrell got oral from a guy one time but he didn't like it.

Howard asked Carmen how good Dave is in bed. She said that he's the best she's ever had and he's a sensitive lover. Howard wondered if she's good for Dave. Dave said that she's the best he ever had. Howard asked Dave how long it was before Carmen gave it up. Dave said it was the first night but Carmen said it was on the third date. They said they have gotten into a little ''ass play'' since they got together but Carmen said she's really not into that. She said that she has fiddled around back there with Dave.

Dave told Howard that Carmen came home with some sex toys one night and she wanted to play with them. He said it sounded good but Carmen turned the lights on and it became very clinical. He said it was basically her looking into his ass for a half hour. He said it felt like he was getting a colonoscopy or something.

Carmen and Dave said that they've been married since November 22nd. They've been together for 3 years. Howard was invited to their Bachelor/Bachelorette party but didn't come. it was in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock so Howard didn't make it.

Howard took a phone call from a guy who told Carmen and Dave that they're both great people. He had nothing bad to say at all. Howard moved on to talk to the two of them about this reality TV show they have coming up on MTV. They said that this has actually helped their relationship because they've been on the road promoting together. Usually they have schedules that don't let them hang out together all that much. They said that they had cameras following them at just the more action filled stuff they did for two months around their wedding. It's going to be just 7 episodes. They're not looking to get anything out of this show, they just thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Dave said that he gets to see some stuff on the show that he didn't get to see like when Carmen was getting dressed for the wedding and stuff like that. He said it was a fun experience.

Carmen said that one of the people in the wedding was Sharon Osbourne. Howard figured that was set up by MTV but Carmen said that she was friendly with her kids and knew her. She ended up in the wedding. Howard wondered if Carson Daly was the best man.

Howard asked Carmen and Dave about how they were ''Punk'd'' for one of the first shows they shot for MTV. They said it never aired for some reason so Howard asked them what happened. Dave said that they were set up with a crazy cab driver and he ended up hitting someone on the street. Dave said that Carmen told the guy to just ''Go, go, go, go...'' Dave said he was about to punch out the driver so they had to cut it short before that happened. The show was supposed to be called ''Harassed'' but it was changed to ''Punk'd'' later. Howard said they should show that episode on his show sometime.

Carmen told Howard about how romantic Dave is with her and some of the nice things he's done for her. Howard asked them how often they bang these days. Dave said it's between 3 and 1 depending on their schedules. Howard said that's no good and wondered if Carmen ever thinks that he doesn't want her anymore. She said she never feels that way. Howard told Dave that sometimes he has his girlfriend just go out to try on different outfits. He said he never buys anything, he just has her trying stuff on. Dave said he's going to start doing that as well.

Howard took a call from Jeff the Drunk who wanted to talk to Carmen. He asked her if she enjoys Bukkake. Dave wasn't sure what that was so Howard kind of explained it had something to do with the face. Howard explained it to her but got the delay hit on him.

Stuttering John came in and asked Carmen if anything happened between her and Howard. They showered together out in Malibu one time but that was it. They had bathing suits on in the shower. Carmen swore on the life of her father that they didn't do anything. No oral, no sex... She said that she does miss hanging out with Howard though. She said she's kind of jealous of Beth as well.

Howard wondered if they could get Carmen and Beth together to do something. Dave said that there's a limit on that and said that there should be a 5 or 6 year limit on when to bring in another chick. Carmen said it sounds like a good idea but it turns into a nightmare afterward. She said she hasn't had sex with another woman but she's not against the idea. She said she has made out with another woman before. She said she's still friends with the woman. Howard asked her a few questions about that and she said that it should end up on the MTV show. She said that Dave was bowling at the time. Howard asked Dave if he'd be open to seeing something like that happen with his girlfriend. Dave said that it's okay when it's two anonymous people but when it's a girlfriend or a wife, it gets complicated. He said you have to concentrate on your wife when you do a threesome, otherwise it can get very complicated.

Howard told Carmen how hot she looked and asked if they're thinking of having kids. Dave said that's down the road a bit. They're not planning anything right now.

Howard asked Dave about how they wanted to play Gay Anal Ring Toss. Dave said their assistant is a huge fan of Howard's and he offered to play. He's not gay, he's just willing to do anything to get on. Howard told Dave that he would let them play against Artie if Carmen would get topless. Carmen said that she won't get topless or bottomless. Howard threw a few things at her and one of them was that the guys would get to squeeze her boobs. It would be Artie, Howard and Fred who got to squeeze her boobs. She said she just wanted Howard to do it but Artie was going to be playing the game. Howard said that he would have Artie squeeze one while he squeezed the other. Carmen kind of agreed to that so Howard had the guy come in.

Dave's assistant Greg came in and said that this was not his idea. It was Dave's idea. Howard told him what he had to do. He had to take a stick and shove it in his ass while on all fours. Then Artie would try to toss some rings onto the stick. That's Gay Anal Ring Toss. Carmen said she doesn't want Greg to do this. He was lubing up the stick so he could shove it in though. Dave said Greg looked like he was enthusiastic about lubing the thing up.

Artie said that he was going to be distracted by a man's ass so he may not do very well. Greg was ready to go a short time later. He had his ass up and ready to get the rings tossed at him. Artie told him that they get 3 rings to toss and whoever gets the most wins. They marked a line for them to stand behind to toss the rings.

Dave went up and tossed his first ring and got it on the stick. The second one missed. He also missed the third. Howard had Artie go up next. He went up to the line and tossed his first. He got the first one. Artie missed the second one and missed the third. They had to do a tie breaker. Dave finally asked what his prize was if he won. Howard said he couldn't believe that he didn't ask for anything earlier. Dave asked to kiss Robin and she agreed to it.

Howard had to do another round to break the tie. Artie went first. He threw his rings and missed the first. He got the second one and said all he could think about was Carmen's breasts. He hit his third ring so he had two. Artie yelled out ''I'M THE LORD OF THE RINGS!'' Dave was up again and hit his first one. He tossed his second ring and got it. He missed the third so they had to do a third round. Greg was ready to bail out on the game by then but Howard said he had to do a third round.

Howard had Artie go again. He missed his first shot. He hit the second and hit the third. He had two again. Dave got up and tossed his first hitting the stick. Greg said that one actually hurt him. Dave tossed his second and missed the second one. The third one hit again so it was tie number 3. Greg was ready to give up but Howard told him they had to do a fourth round.

Artie tossed and hit his first and second rings. He missed the third. Dave went up and tossed his three rings again. He hit the first and moved the stick violently again. He missed the second and hit the third tying up the game again. Poor Greg had the stick in his ass the whole time. He said couldn't hold it anymore.

Round 4. Artie hit his first toss after they moved the line back. He only got the one. Dave got up and did his tosses. He missed the first, second and third toss so Artie was once again ''Lord of the Anal Rings.'' Greg held up pretty good during the game as well so they thanked him. Artie said he would hug the guy if he wasn't homophobic. He did it all for Howard. Gary gave him a $500 prize for what he'd done.

Howard and Artie got to do their breast exams on Carmen next. Howard let Artie go first. Howard said her belly was exposed and described what she was wearing. Artie then went over and gave her a breast exam on Carmen's breast. Fred played some horn honking sound effects while he did it. Artie said that might have been the best moment of his life.

Howard got up and went up to feel Carmen's other breast. Artie had the left side so Howard took the right side. He touched them and watched Dave's eyes as he did it. Howard said that his hand on her breast just wasn't right. He said it sure felt great. He thanked Artie for winning the anal ring toss game.

Carmen said that Howard has beautiful feet and Dave does too. Dave didn't understand what the connection was though. She was just telling them how beautiful Howard's hands were as he was touching her. Howard said her breast felt ''magnificent'' in his hand. He said he loved doing that. Carmen wondered what Dave wins for playing. They told him he gets nothing but he does get to go home with Carmen.

Howard gave Dave and Carmen a plug for their MTV show ''Until Death Do Us Part'' which starts airing later this month. He also gave Carmen a plug for her aerobics video series. He said it's available at AerobicStripTease.com