Dave Navarro - October 04, 2004 - K-Rock Studios, New York City, NY

Date: October 04, 2004
Location: K-Rock Studios, New York City, NY
Recorded: Video (studio)
Audio (studio)
Status: Confirmed
Type: Radio
Lineup: Dave Navarro
Artwork: Photo

Show Information:

Dave Navarro's appearance on the Howard Stern show. Dave is in to promote his Book Don't Try This At Home and plays "Stump The Booey". Footage of this interview was used for Howard Stern's show on the E! Network.

The following is a summary of the show posted on HowardStern.com:

Dave Navarro came in to promote his new book "Don't try this at home". Dave wrote this book while he was in the middle of the crazy period of his life where he was doing tons of coke and heroin almost every day. He said he agreed to do the book because he figured he'd die before it was published and then when he cleaned himself up he tried to stop Judith Reagan from publishing it. But now that he's happily married to Carmen Electra he figured there was no harm in putting the book out so it's being released. Dave talked a little about his tragic childhood. His mother was murdered by her boyfriend when he was only 15 years old. The murderer is still on death row and Dave doesn't know if he'll ever be executed. He hates how the guy still eats and plays checkers and makes friends. Dave said at his worst, he was doing 9 grams of coke a day. He said it got to point where he was shooting it into his arm. Artie said even he never did that! He also had trouble orgasming while he was high on coke, so hooking up with Carmen Electra gave him incentive to stop.

The following is a detailed report of the show from MarksFriggin.com:

After the commercials Howard brought in Dave Navarro. He heard that Dave had just peed in the bathroom and didn't wash his hands after that. He didn't want to shake his hand after hearing that. Howard went on to talk about how Dave talks about his drug abuse and about his mother being murdered in this new book of his called ''Don't Try This At Home.'' The guy who killed his mother is still alive but he's on death row. Howard said Dave did everything he could to kill himself like shooting up heroin 20 times a day or so. He said that was all going on about 5 years ago and he's not doing it now. Dave and Artie talked about the drug use and how cocaine effects wear off much quicker than heroin does. Dave said he was doing up to about 9 grams of coke a day back then.

Dave said that he had to stop doing that stuff when he met Carmen (Electra) because it's hard to have an orgasm when you're on drugs. Dave said they're down to having sex just a few times a week now that they've been together for four years. Howard wondered if Carmen gives dave the ''back door.'' Dave said that she doesn't do that but he's not all that much into it anyway. Howard told Dave that he was with one of the greatest women he's ever been with and she actually led him to the back door one time.

Howard wanted to ask Dave if Carmen is into water sports but he wasn't even sure if he could ask it. Dave said that they have gone there and he is into that a little more than the back door thing. Howard asked Dave if Carmen has ever brought another girl home for him. Dave said that works out okay at night but the next morning there's a lot of explaining to do.

Howard said that Dave expected to be dead within a year of writing this book of his so he didn't think it would be published while he was still alive. Dave said it was all starting out as a picture book but the writer that helped him out and Marilyn Manson suggested he write a story about all of this stuff he was going through and that's what it came out like. Dave was writing the book while he was on this downward spiral so it's the only reality book that was written while someone was going through it. Howard heard that Dave didn't want to put the book out and Judith Regan was threatening to sue him so he had to release it.

Dave said that he was a loner when it came to the drug use so he wasn't always around people who were users. He avoided getting diseases and stuff because he was doing the stuff alone. Dave cleaned himself up and got married to Carmen Electra so he's enjoying his life now. Howard read something about Dave picking up a Playboy Playmate and a Penthouse Pet at a Playboy Mansion party one night. The date turned out to be a nightmare because one of the girls wanted to stop because she had to take a dump. Dave was also thrown out of the Playboy mansion after being caught shooting up in one of the rooms and writing on the walls with his own blood. He also got caught shooting up in an airport bathroom when a security camera caught him. Dave said he's never really been caught and busted for that stuff. He wasn't the kind of guy who would drive around somewhere and get caught, he'd stay home and do that stuff.

Howard read that Dave once banged a chick, not because he was attracted to her, but because she had slept with Jimmy Paige and he wanted to be closer to him in some way. There was also a story about how Carmen was kind of introduced to him through Dennis Rodman. Dave said that Dennis actually mentioned his name to Carmen and they eventually met.

Howard gave Dave a plug for his book ''Don't Try This At Home'' and said he'll be signing copies of it at a couple of places in New York and New Jersey today and tomorrow.

Dave wanted to play Gary at a game of ''Stump the Booey'' but the chick he had coming in never showed up. Howard said that they could use Savanna Samson instead though. They agreed that whoever won, Savanna would get naked. When she came back in the studio Howard asked her why she wasn't wearing her wedding ring. She said if she started to talk about it, she'd start to cry. That's exactly what happened when she started to talk about how her marriage only lasted 5 years. Howard actually predicted that it would last 5 years. Savanna told Howard that they just didn't get along and their marriage was dysfunctional. Gary came in and said that there were some things brought up about how the rules they have in their marriage are kind of vague. They like to have some fun with other people but the lines may have been crossed at some point.

Savanna told Howard about how her husband showed up with a huge truck the day he moved out and it was very emotional. She said that she still loves her ex-husband and she will always have a special place in her heart for him. Howard was trying to get her to cry but she just wasn't getting that upset about it all.

Howard had Savanna get behind the curtain they have in the studio so they can drop it after the game is over. Dave and Gary were going to compete against each other in a game of ''Stump The Booey'' where Howard plays a song from the 80's and the two guys have to try and guess the name of the song and the artist who performed it. Howard started the game a short time later. Here are the songs and who got them right.

  • "Heaven" by Bryan Adams - Gary got it, Dave didn't.
  • "Would I Lie To You" by The Eurythmics - Gary got it, Dave didn't.
  • "All Out of Love" by Air Supply - Gary got it, Dave didn't.

Dave didn't come close to winning so the shower curtain dropped and Savanna was standing there naked. Savanna asked if she should crawl into Carmen Electra's bed with the two of them. Dave said that he thinks that could happen and said that he just needs to make the call to Carmen. Howard was ready to make the call for him but then realized he was helping him get two chicks together. Artie told Dave that they should just get an 8 ball and bring Savanna back to a hotel room themselves.

Howard had Carmen on the line a minute later. She'd just woken up so Howard had to explain to her what was going on. He asked her what she was wearing and Artie was just about ''done'' after hearing that she was wearing just panties. Howard then told Carmen that Savanna was standing there next to her husband naked and she's willing to come back to the hotel and do both of them. Dave interrupted and told Carmen that he really loves her. He asked her flat out, ''would you like to have Savanna come home with us?'' Carmen said that if she did, she wouldn't say it on the air. Carmen said that she's never been with another woman in front of Dave so this would be the first time. Howard wondered if Carmen could deal with seeing Dave do Savanna. Savanna said that it's all about the girl anyway so Dave wouldn't be doing her, she'd be doing Carmen. Howard wanted to go over and see all of this going on himself.

Howard made Carmen make a decision right then. Carmen said that Savanna could come on over herself while Dave goes out and does his press stuff today. Dave said that would be fine with him because he thinks Carmen being with a woman would be cool. Howard told Dave to just tell Carmen what he really wants. Dave said that he wants Carmen to be ultimately happy and whatever she wants is fine with him. He's going to go home and make this happen in whatever way he can so it doesn't matter to him.

Carmen thought it would be a good thing if she had a porn star as her first because she's experienced. Howard told Carmen that if they actually do this, he wants a phone call from the two of them from Carmen's hotel room. Carmen and Dave were saying that it would be better if this was a night time show. Carmen was turning down the opportunity so Howard bailed out. He almost had Dave hooked up but Carmen turned it down.

Howard said that if it was his girl, he'd just drag Savanna right over to the hotel room and make it happen. Artie thought that there were some code words in Carmen's discussion that made it sound like she wanted it to happen. Howard had to wrap up the segment after that so he gave Savanna a plug for her web site SavannaSamson.com and gave Dave some plugs for his book as he was going to break.

Photo from HowardStern.com