Dave Navarro - February 11, 2008 - Studio 69, Sirius Satelite Radio, New York City, NY

Date: February 11, 2008
Location: Studio 69, Sirius Satelite Radio, New York City, NY
Recorded: Video (studio)
Audio (studio)
Status: Confirmed
Type: Radio
Lineup: Dave Navarro

Show Information:

Dave Navarro's appearance on the Howard Stern show. Dave is in to promote his Book Footage of this interview was used for Howard Stern's show on OnDemand.

The following is a show summary from HowardStern.com:

Dave Navarro stopped by the studio, and Howard started in by asking how Dave “blew” his marriage to Carmen Electra. Dave said it wasn't his place to say anything about Carmen, as it would just get picked up by every media outlet in the world and used against him. Undaunted, Howard played a clip of Jenna Jameson saying Dave's height weirded her out when they were dating, so Dave laughed that Jenna was only “ok” in bed – and he never banged her without a condom.

Howard cited a rumor that Carmen left Dave for Joan Jett, but Dave couldn't confirm it, saying, “I doubt it, to be honest with you.” Howard asked Dave about some of the supposedly “gay” things he's done, so Dave denied ever having a penis in his mouth – but he did admit to once putting a vibrator in his ass while on stage with Jane's Addiction. Howard continued to ask about Dave's marriage to Carmen, and Dave eventually confessed they just didn't have much time for each other.

The following is a detailed report of the show from MarksFriggin.com:

After the break Howard came right back so he could get right to Dave Navarro who was waiting to come in. He said that Dave is a good friend of the show and has been in many great bands. He's been in the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction. Dave came in as he was talking about all of that.

Howard said that he wanted to talk to Dave about Carmen Electra first. He said that she's one of the hottest chicks in the country and he wants to know how Dave blew that whole thing. Dave said that he had to keep his mouth shut about that whole thing because the press picks up on everything anyone says. He said that he didn't cheat on Carmen like people said he did. He said that she didn't cheat either. He said that their lives took them apart from each other and they had to just stick to being friends.

Dave said that he will never get married again, he's just not good at it. Howard told Dave that he's getting married again. He said that he's obviously better at it than Dave was. Howard said he was married for 20 years and things didn't work out in that one. Dave said that marriage was created when people only lived to the age of like 30 so it wasn't a big deal. Things are much different now.

Howard told Dave that Jenna Jameson was on the show talking about him the other day. Dave wanted to hear it so Howard played him the clip. In the clip Jenna is talking about Dave's height and how he's a little femme for her. She said looking down at him was kind of weird. Dave said that looking down on her was perfect for him. He didn't have the same feeling about her.

Dave said that he did use a condom with her every time he was with her but there were times when he'd do oral and he didn't care about what he might get down there. He said that none of that matters when you're with her.

Howard asked Dave if he and Carmen were trying to make a baby. Dave said neither of them are into it so they didn't bother. He said he never wants kids anyway.

Howard asked Dave about his marriage to Carmen and if she ran off with Joan Jett after she was done with him. Dave said he heard that too but he's not sure. He said he'd be fine with that if that's what she actually did. Dave said that whatever she's doing in her personal life is fine and he doubts that she's with Joan Jett. He said he just talked to her about a month ago so they're still friends.

Howard said that Dave started to look at Carmen as his best friend. He found that hard to believe, so did Dave. Howard asked Dave about his sexual past and how he's kissed other men. Dave said that there's a lot of sexual things going on in the tour busses and he was never ''with men'' and you can tell by his resume of women that he's not gay.

Howard said that he's not so sure about Dave and asked if he's ever had a cock in his mouth. Dave swore that he never has. He said he'd take a lie detector test about that. He said that he did take a vibrator and shoved it up his ass one time. He said he talks about that on his radio show, which you can find at ManiaTV.com.

Dave said that he did that vibrator thing when he was in Jane's Addiction and it wasn't the best idea he ever had. He said he did it on stage and thought he'd get a reaction but everyone was shocked by what he'd done. He said that even the guys in the band were shocked by it. He said he was fucked up at the time though so that's why he ended up doing it.

Dave told Howard that he realized, when he started to get tired of Carmen, that he'd never be able to get married again. He said that if he can get tired of Carmen, he's going to get tired of other women too. He said that he'll eventually want other women.

Howard said that Dave has always hit on other women and he once asked Savanna Samson to come home to him when he was on the show with her. Dave said he never did get her. He said he did want to bring her home though. Dave said that he never really got tired of Carmen, they just didn't have a lot of time together.

Dave said he was kind of pissed about what Jenna said about him. He said he was going to call her in about 10 minutes when he gets out of there. He said that maybe he was jealous of him being better looking than her.

Howard asked Dave if he ever ate his own cum. Dave laughed when he heard that. That led to Howard playing a clip of Stormy Daniels talking about Dave on Bubba the Love Sponge's show. Dave said he heard about this but hadn't heard the interview yet. Howard had the audio so he went into it a short time later.

In the clip Stormy is talking about being in a room with Dave and he ended up jerking himself off. She said that his one hand was jerking it and the other hand went somewhere else under his body. She was assuming that the fingers were in his butt. Then, as he was finishing himself off, she wondered where he was going to cum. She said that he finished in his hand and it disappeared somewhere. She said she never saw him eat it but that's what she assumes happens.

Dave said that story was a little strange because she didn't see a lot of stuff going on, she was assuming a lot of what she was saying. Dave went on to talk about how he was out one night and got a message from her asking him to come out to the Playboy mansion to come and ''play with her'' out there. He went up there and said that he ended up making out with her and then went to the game room where they have a bunch of spare bedrooms. He said that his cock came out and he had no condom with him so they both agreed that he was just going to jerk off. He said that's all he did, he just jerked off and didn't stick any fingers up his ass.

Dave said that perhaps he was playing with his balls or something like that, he didn't stick his fingers up there. He said he heard the story from some fans and couldn't believe what she was saying. He said that she's like 9 feet tall and could beat the shit out of him if she wanted to. He's not sure where his load went and said that he may have just wiped it on something.

Robin asked Dave if he's not making that next day phone call to Stormy. Dave said that he waited a couple of days and when he did call, she never called him back. He said that he's not sure what went wrong there.

Dave said that he's got a target on his back and he's not sure why people go after him the way they do. He said that people say he's gay but he's fucking a different girl every night. He doesn't get that. He said that he's not sure what you can do about the girls yapping out there.

Howard said that Dave's blog about Greg Fitzsimmons comments about him was great. He played a clip of Greg talking about Dave last week on the show. In the clip Greg was complaining about Dave not paying attention to him when he was doing his act up on stage at the AVN awards. Greg was saying that Dave never founded a band or anything, he was just in some great bands. Dave countered that saying that he founded Jane's Addiction.

Dave said that he had two choices at the AVN convention. He said that he could pick up chicks or listen to some comedian on stage. He went with the chicks of course. Dave said that Greg was focused on the guy in the front row with the beard and not on the chicks out there. Howard said that Greg is actually a great guy but Dave said that he sounds like a cunt to him. Dave said that he was there working at the AVNs too and he was burnt out by the time Greg got on stage.

Howard gave Dave a plug for this ManiaTV.com thing that he's working on. Dave said that they have interviews with all kinds of different people on that site. He said they have an astrophysicist coming on the show. Howard didn't understand that until he heard that it was a female astrophysicist.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Dave has done all kinds of gay stuff and he'd like him to come out. Howard said he believes that Dave is straight because he has been with a lot of chicks. Howard asked Dave how Jenna was in bed. He said that she was just okay, there was a lot of laying around.

Howard said that one of the interns, Erica, came in today dressed up for Dave. It's one of the coldest days of the season in New York and she came dressed in a mini-skirt. Erica came in and said that she likes fashion and she did want to look good in front of Dave. She said that she's Korean and Dave asked her if she was Spanish. She said she's not so Dave asked her if she wanted some Spanish in her.

Howard asked Erica if she wanted to go out with Dave. She said she wouldn't mind that. Howard asked her if she's got a problem with him eating his own cum. He said he was just kidding about that.

Dave asked Erica why she gave him the cold treatment when he said hello to her earlier. She said she didn't want to get into trouble with Ronnie for talking to the guests. Howard said she was trying to be professional. Howard joked that she wore a burka when Greg Fitzsimmons was there. Dave told her that she was adorable.

Dave wondered why he has to come on this show and deflect so much stuff. He said he treats women very well, except when he's at the Playboy mansion jerking off. Howard told him that he's out in the public eye a lot and that's the kind of stuff that comes up. He said that a lot of guys are going to be jealous of him because of the girls he's getting and the fact that he's a rock star. He pointed out some of the other chicks that Dave has dated and told him that's the reason that guys are jealous of him. Dave had a Maxim model but he said that you can't throw a rock in L.A. without hitting a Maxim model. Artie said that all of his rocks hit fat chicks.

Howard talked to Dave about his marriage to Carmen and asked if there was a lot of crying when they ended it. He said that there probably was. He said that he's going to keep his C.E. tattoo forever though. He really thinks that marriage isn't a good thing for him. He said that Howard might be able to pull it off though.

Howard asked Dave what he's up to musically these days. He said he's working on a solo record and he's working with DJ Skribble on some stuff as well.

Dave talked about the Rock Star Supernova show and how the fans really hated the show. Howard said he kind of liked it. Dave said that he thinks that it helped the kids on the show get to where they were going. Howard said he wasn't sure about that because none of them have really gone anywhere. Dave said he knows, but they weren't going anywhere to begin with.

Howard asked Dave about his relationship with Perry Farrell. Dave said that he doesn't think that they're friends anymore based on what Perry has said about him. He said that he loved their music and he could work past all of that personal stuff to play with the band if they wanted to. He said that the band broke up because of a lot of miscommunication between management and Perry. He said that Perry was supposed to work on something else and they were told that he was going to be busy until 2008 so he went off and started another band. He thinks that they should be able to work things out and get back together some day because even Van Halen and the Eagles have managed to work it out.

Dave said that Perry has done some great stuff on his own but not as good as the stuff they were able to do as Jane's Addiction. He said that they got back together to do the song for ''Private Parts'' but that didn't last too long after that. He said that the band has broken up like 4 times.

Dave was also saying that he was the reason that he was booted out of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He said he was with them for 5 years but his drug use was a problem. He said that he loved being in that band and it was great experience while he was in that band.

Howard asked Dave if he would ever record a song for a commercial or something. Dave said those gigs don't pay enough so he wouldn't ever do it. He said that he can't endorse anything he doesn't like and use either.

Howard asked Dave if he saw the Grammy Awards last night. Dave said he's not into that kind of stuff. He said that he can't wait to get the google alerts about all of the stuff that happened on this show because that's the way the press works these days. He gets stuff from India about 2 weeks after it happens on Howard's show. Reporters don't do stuff on their own, they wait for Howard or someone like him to do interviews and they use that to do reports on the web.

Howard asked Dave about music downloading. Dave said that he doesn't even buy whole records anymore because he can download a single song if he wants. He said that the music industry is falling apart and there's really not any money to make out there. He said it's really fucked for the new bands out there. He said that it's really over for the record companies.

Dave said that when a band gets a record deal, they lose all of their money on music videos, photography, remixing their singles and stuff like that. All of their budget is spent trying to get this one song played and then it doesn't get played and they get dropped immediately. Dave said that even if the band gets a hit single, they can't afford to go out on tour because all of the money was spent on a music video.

Howard gave Dave some more plugs for the show he's doing for ManiaTV.com. Dave talked about some of the interviews they've done on there. He also mentioned that he manages a couple of people and one of them is a porn star who was on one of his shows.

Howard had to wrap up with Dave a short time later. He gave him some more plugs for the show, Spread, that's on ManiaTV.com. You can also go to TeraVision.com to see Dave's movie ''Broken'' over there.

Howard asked Dave if he thinks that he's a sex addict. Dave didn't seem to think that was the case. Howard asked Dave if he asked to smell his penis, would it smell like a woman. Dave said that it wouldn't, but that's probably because he took a shower this morning.

Dave wished Howard luck with his marriage but he said that he's never seen anyone who is married work things out. He said that the people who are supposedly getting along in their marriages actually hate each other. Howard said that he was scaring him with this stuff. Dave asked if Howard got engaged because his girlfriend was pushing him into it. Howard said that wasn't the case at all. He said they really just get along and love each other and they were fine not being married.

Dave said that he and Carmen had a pre-nup. He said that she makes some really good money when she does these gigs that she does and he really screwed up by signing the pre-nup. He was just joking when he said that. Howard said he had a theory about what happened with Dave and Carmen. He said that Dave probably got upset with Carmen going out to parties and stuff without him all the time. Dave said that she's really not like that. He said that he wanted someone who had their own life, their own money and all of that. He said that Carmen doesn't go out to the night clubs and to producer's houses doing coke or anything like that. Howard thought that he was being nice about all of this.

Gary came in and said that Lisa G was out in the hall saying that she thinks that Dave may have had some botox because his eyebrows don't move. Dave said that he has tried it before but he didn't like it. Dave called Lisa over to the couch and showed her his forehead. It was moving but she said that he looked like he had botox. Dave told her that it looked that way to him too. He said that he really didn't like the way it froze everything up on his head, it did look weird.

Dave said that Lisa was a cute little thing. He said that he's thought about having a news chick before and she was cute. Howard wrapped up with him a short time later.

Photo from HowardStern.com