Dave Navarro - September 09, 2008 - Rose Bar, New York City, NY

Date: September 09, 2008
Location: Rose Bar, New York City, NY
Recorded: No known recording
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert

Show Information:

Satellite Party performed at a John Varvatos event.  Dave Navarro appeared and performed with the band.

Exuberance at Betsey Johnson

By SUZANNE GANNON - McClatchy-Tribune News Service

What's not to love about Betsey Johnson? Forty-five years into her fashion career - and 30 after she formed her own label - the mistress of fantastical whimsy put on a knock-out show Tuesday at Bryant Park. She summoned pioneer maidens of the prairie with bright calico prints in blousy dresses with ballooning sleeves and the brothel madams of the Wild West with come-hither hoop skirts sheer enough to reveal sexy knees.

Not a single model walked the catwalk in her own hair (Betsey herself was sporting a bleached blond coiff abundant with extensions); instead each donned a pink or blue or purple wig topped by a straw bowler.

Not one to be outdone, the designer herself cart-wheeled down the runway and finished in a split, her shiny green petticoats bouncing along, with green Dorothy shoes all a-glitter.

"It's easier than walking," said the designer about her cartwheel and added that she "never thought in a million years that she'd still be doing what (she) loves to do."

Back stage, the pink champagne flowed and clients and fans nibbled on over-sized cupcakes dressed in pink icing and monogrammed with the letter B.

"Everything is beyond exploding," she said about the business she has run with her partner for 30 years, managing to remain "dear great friends."

Nearby, Perry Farrell, the founder and lead singer of the band Jane's Addiction and founder of the Lollapalooza music festival, and his wife, Etty, basked in Johnson's 500-watt radiance and posed for the camera.

Long-time clients, the two were each sporting one of Johnson's designs, Etty in a green satin strapless and Perry in a super-slender black pinstripe jacket. Together they cooed, "We love Betsey."

Farrell is to headline tomorrow evening with Satellite Party, his newest gig, at the John Varvatos party (he's the face of the fall 2008 campaign), which conveniently occupies an old haunt: the former space of the legendary CBGB. When asked if the party was open to this reporter (an unabashed fan), he demurely replied, "I don't think you can get in if you don't know about it by now."

Wonder what he'll be wearing.