Jane's Addiction - October 13, 1985 - Safari Sam's, Huntington Beach, CA

Date: October 13, 1985
Location: Safari Sam's, Huntington Beach, CA
Recorded: No known recording
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Eric Avery
Chris Brinkman
Matt Chaikin

Show Information:

This listing is for the first ever Jane's Addiction show.

The LA times show listing article incorrectly bills the band as "James Addiction", while the LA Weekly incorrectly bills them as "James Diction"

Jane's opened for a band called Love 'N' Terror.

The following is taken (incorrect spelling included) from page 3 of an early band bio submitted to Warner Bros. by the group.

Their first show was out of town in Orange County. It was "old dog night". All old dogs were let in free. They were booked with a top fourty cover band, who invited their I.B.M. friends from work to see them. "Jane's" got up and emptyed the place. There was one guy with a beard who stayed. They never learned the beard headed man's name, but they did discuss their differences, Leaving the band, the bartender, and the booker. The next show was at the Roxy. They were to support some faggy english band who they killed. They were great except for one thing, they stunk.