Jane's Addiction - October 01, 1986 - Club Lingerie, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Date: October 01, 1986
Location: Club Lingerie, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded: Audio (soundboard)
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Dave Navarro
Stephen Perkins
Eric Avery


Up The Beach
Ain't No Right
Idiots Rule
Ocean Size
Summertime Rolls
Mountain Song

Show Information:

Jane's opened for Jet Boy. The Prodigal Sons also performed.

Recording Information:

Total length: 29:30. Soundboard. Sourced from unknown gen cassette. Rating: B+. Decent sound, but some tape hiss and other minor issues including a few brief cuts throughout. The opening track, "Up The Beach", is missing the first few seconds. The last track, "Mountain Song", cuts at about 3 minutes.

Notable Moments:

"Thank you very much. We're the Grateful Dead."

(near the end of "Ocean Size")
"You're all dead! Take this! Oh! Come on! Come on! Yeah! Come on! You're gonna die! Come on! Rock out, you lazy motherfuckers!"

(before Summertime Rolls)
"Huh? Five? This guy says we got 5 minutes. If we only have 5 minutes, you guys riot, okay? 'Cause I ain't getting off. I'm just getting started."

(poetry improv during the beginning of Summertime Rolls)
"Man, what a fucked week it has been. I had to deal with the Lord. And the landlord. I had a talk to a priest, fight with a beast. Find out which is least. In my head, my head, my head."

Thanks go out to SDW for the recording info.