Jane's Addiction - November 17, 1988 - Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA

Date: November 17, 1988
Location: Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA
Recorded: Audio
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Dave Navarro
Stephen Perkins
Eric Avery
Artwork: Ticket

Set List:

Kettle Whistle
Thank You Boys
Idiots Rule
Pigs In Zen
Ted, Just Admit It...
Mountain Song
I Would For You
Trip Away
Ocean Size
Chip Away

Show Information:

Soundgarden and Mother Love Bone opened for Jane's Addiction. This show was a KISW-FM "Rising Star" concert.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
November 11, 1988
Author: Gene Stout P-I Pop Critic

One of the most infectious rock hits of the mid-'80s, "Addicted to Love," left a lot of music fans addicted to British rocker Robert Palmer.

Packed with undulating rhythms and a melody no one could resist, the song blasted up the record charts like a category 5 hurricane.

What really cinched it was the song's sensuous, three-alarm video. There was Palmer - cool, suave and sophisticated - surrounded by guitar-playing vamps in skimpy attire and arrest-me-red lipstick who lived and breathed every note. The song left fans breathless.

The "Riptide" album also spawned "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On" and topped a lot of year-end polls.

Palmer's new album, "Heavy Nova," is named for his unique fusion of hard rock and bossa nova. The album has yielded a hit single, "Simply Irresistible," and several other songs that reflect this unusual blend of styles. (The album was released by EMI-Manhattan, which lured Palmer away from Island Records with a multimillion-dollar deal.)

But there is also a version of Peggy Lee's "It Could Happen to You" and "Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming," once recorded by the Jacksons. Backup singer B.J. Nelson shares vocals on the latter.

Palmer, who performs Wednesday night and Nov. 21 at the Paramount Theater, grew up on the Mediterranean island of Malta, where he listened to African, Middle Eastern and European music, as well as his parents' collection of Peggy Lee and Nat "King" Cole records.

In 1974, he began his recording career with Island Records, recording his first solo album with New Orleans musicians Allen Toussaint and the Meters. In time, Palmer recorded such hits as "Bad Case of Loving You" and "You Are in My System."

In 1986, a year after releasing "Riptide," Palmer teamed up with Andy Taylor and John Taylor of Duran Duran in the group Power Station, an association that yielded several hits. So fashionable was Palmer's image during this period that GQ magazine featured the dapper star on its cover.

Today, Palmer is moving beyond explorations of hard rock, reggae, bossa nova and sythesizer-driven funk into the realm of pre-rock saloon singing. It's a genre other veteran rockers have explored - including Linda Ronstadt and Steve Miller - indicating popular music is in for some changes. (Responding to a critic who called him the "Pat Boone of the '80s," Palmer threatened to add a "speed metal" version of an old Boone song to his set; it hasn't happened.)

Palmer's latest project is a lighthearted film based on popular music dating back to the '30s. It's named for the Billie Holliday song "Don't Explain."

Joining Palmer Wednesday night is rock 'n' roll band the Northern Pikes. Opening the Nov. 21 show are South African group Johnny Clegg and Savuka.

Jane's Addiction

Lurking in the shadows between L.A.'s hard-rock and postpunk scenes, Jane's Addiction has carved out a special niche in the rock world.

The guns-blazing, high-decibel metal outfit has a truly original sound, one that eschews the formulas of a decade of spandex-clad heavy-metal bands.

Jane's Addiction doesn't clobber fans over the head with heavy-handed lyrics, but there is an unstated social-consciousness in the music, which is at once hard-hitting and incisive.

The cover of the band's recent Warner Bros. debut, "Nothing's Shocking," has created a different kind of stir. Banned by several major retailers, the album features a nude sculpture of two women joined at the hip; the sculpture was made by band leader Perry Farrell using body castings of his girlfriend. Farrell vowed there would be no alternative cover for the prudish.

Jane's Addiction makes its Seattle debut at a KISW-FM "Rising Star" concert Thursday night at the Paramount Theater. Opening the show at 8 is up- and-coming Seattle band Sound Garden.

Preview (1) Robert Palmer, rock 'n' roll concert, Wednesday night and Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. at the Paramount Theater. The Northern Pikes open Wednesday night, Johnny Clegg and Savuka Nov. 21. Tickets $18.50, plus service charge, at Ticketmaster. (2) Jane's Addiction and Sound Garden, rock 'n' roll concert, Thursday night at 8 at the Paramount Theater. Tickets are $4 at the door or in advance (plus service charge) at Ticketmaster.