Jane's Addiction - July 07, 1990 - Forest Preserve, Mt. Baldy, CA

Date: July 07, 1990
Location: Forest Preserve, Mt. Baldy, CA
Recorded: Audio (soundboard)
Video (proshot)
Video (audience)
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Dave Navarro
Stephen Perkins
Eric Avery


Trip Away
Had A Dad
Pigs In Zen
Ain't No Right
Then She Did...
Been Caught Stealing
Idiots Rule
Of Course
Up The Beach
Ocean Size
Mountain Song
Three Days

Show Information:

This was the first headlining show of the Ritual era. It was a special invite-only show in an outdoor amphitheater in Mt. Baldy, CA. Jane's Addiction played at one end of a pool with fans around and inside the pool itself. Peter DiStefano, guitarist for Porno for Pyros attended this show and can be seen in some video footage standing on the diving board.

The show was professionally filmed, at least in part, with footage being used to create the "Stop!" music video.

The show features a male guest violinist, one of the few times it was someone other than Morgan Fichter. This is perhaps Charlie Bisharat, who played violin on Ritual.

Recording Information:

Soundboard recording. 68:06. Released on the bootleg CD Forget The Rumours We're Still Alive. Good sound, but the mix isn't always great (sometimes the guitar is too loud, bass too quiet, etc). There is also a longer, less common version of this recording which includes a few additional seconds at the start, plus about 10 minutes on the end which were omitted from the bootleg CD, including part of "Three Days" (unfortunately cut after the first half or so). 78:14.
There also exists a video recording in circulation shot from the stage, but it is rough quality and incomplete, only about 45 minutes long. And the pro-shot footage, from which the "Stop" video was culled, has not been circulated among fans.

Thanks go out to 'drifter' for the invitation pictures

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