Jane's Addiction - June 15, 1991 - Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia

Date: June 15, 1991
Location: Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia
Recorded: N/A
Status: Confirmed / Canceled
Type: Concert
Lineup: N/A

Show Information:

This show was canceled so the band could rest before the kick-off of Lollapalooza. This show was made up in September, 1991.

June 9, 1991 Sunday
Sandra McLean
Page 49

An interview with Eric Avery is everything you would expect from a member of that band of musical untouchables, Jane's Addiction.

He is ethereal and intense, interested and disinterested.  He is phoning from Wyoming, yet his head is still in Los Angeles, the city which spawned the aggressive music that rages from within Jane's Addiction.

"I don't know if Jane's Addiction could have been produced in another city," said Avery, who was born and bred in LA. "The city is a lot like our band. It has such disparate parts - it is almost like an identity crisis."

Avery is one of four members of the band. It is unusual for him to be the spokesman; that is usually the task of outspoken lead singer Perry Farrell, whose artwork on the cover of the band's third album, Ritual De Lo Habitual, caused controversy in the US.

The cover - a painting of Perry in the embrace of two naked women - was sold in some states of the US in a brown paper bag.

Jane's Addiction will be a blast on stage from all reports. - Sandra McLean WHEN AND WHERE: June 15, Festival Hall