Jane's Addiction - August 09, 1991 - Great Woods, Mansfield, MA

Date: August 09, 1991
Location: Great Woods, Mansfield, MA
Recorded: Audio (audience)
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Dave Navarro
Stephen Perkins
Eric Avery
Morgan Fichter


Up The Beach
Standing In The Shower... Thinking
Ain't No Right
Thank You Boys
Three Days
Been Caught Stealing
Idiots Rule
Ted, Just Admit It...
Then She Did...
Mountain Song
Classic Girl

Show Information:

This was the first of 2 Boston area stops on the Lollapalooza 1991 tour.

Recording Information:

Decent audience recording. 79:31. The first few seconds of "Mountain Song" are cut. The recording starts with a stage announcement that Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie & The Banshees is sick and they won't be performing.

Notable Moments:

"Everyday I wake up and something fucked up happens to me at least once, ya know. And I wait for that fucked up thing to happen. I take that thing and I gobble it down, man, and I chew on it, and I swallow it. I turn it into one mean motherfucker. That's me. And now I come here to Boston and I say, wow, man. Only people that dare to come up are a bunch of girls. But that's cool. It just shows me something, you know, I try so hard. I thought, the American youth, man, we're gonna have a youth revolution. It's gonna happen. But I have a feeling it's gonna be lead by a woman. Because the women have more balls than ya'll."

Thanks go out to SDW for the recording info and 'kingjollytrouser' for the ticket scan

Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA)
August 10, 1991
Edition: ALL
Page: 6

Author: Roberta Fusaro; Telegram & Gazette Reviewer


MANSFIELD - The Lollapalooza festival, a collection of seven alternative bands, journeyed to the Great Woods Center for Performing Arts yesterday, and offered a sold-out crowd about 10 hours of (basically) politically-correct rock, pop and rap music.

The tour will hit 21 cities by the end of the summer.

The music press has labeled it a sort of post-punk Woodstock; co-organizer of the event Perry Farrell - lead singer of Jane's Addiction - has called it "a traveling carnival of music, works of art and information."

What it truly is, is gobs of underground fun. The eclectic mix of talent on the bill, and the variety of informational tents set up, made for an enlightening day.

This mobile mob of music and mayhem features headliners, Jane's Addiction, on what has been called their last tour ever; mainstream rockers, Living Colour; industrial dance giant, Nine Inch Nails, featuring Trent Reznor; rap and rock artist, Ice-T; hardcore hero, Henry Rollins; and "aural assault" specialists, the BH Surfers.

Goth-rock queen Siouxsie Sioux and her Banshees were scheduled to appear last night, but Siouxsie canceled due to illness.

Local artists exhibited their works in a tent behind the main pavilion, and some pieces were for sale or scheduled to be raffled.

Organizations such as Greenpeace, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, Rock the Vote, and representatives of the pro-choice and handgun-control movements set up tables of propaganda for concert-goers to pick up.

The real attraction, however, was the music.

Jane's Addiction was typically both brilliant and tasteless in the course of a 90-minute set.

Their stage set consisted of a weird configuration of palm trees, statues of naked goddesses and long strings of garden lanterns.

Their play list hasn't changed much from the material they touted at the Wallace Civic Center earlier this year, but their performance last night was much more polished.

Lead singer Farrell acted every bit the mystical musical shamen on stage that he proclaims to be. Booming drummer Stephen Perkins, shaggy bassist Eric Avery and guitarist extraordinaire David Navarro provided a flawless backbeat to Farrell's ranting and raving.

"Nothing's Shocking," featured the band's two go-go dancers engaging in some steamy horseplay that would make even Madonna blush.

Nine Inch Nails, contributed the most uninhibited set of the day. Relying on a lot of material from his debut album, "Pretty Hate Machine," Reznor and his band played behind a curtain of dry ice for most of the set.

Reznor smashed his guitar repeatedly against the stack of keyboards, doused his bandmates and the crowd with cups of water, and slammed into both the guitarist and keyboardist in his angst.

Living Colour followed NIN, and their set seemed quite pedestrian in comparison. Their neon set design was the most elaborate of all the bands, but their set list was the most mainstream of the day.

Ice-T offered up the most surprising set; in the spirit of "discovery," he divided it into two genres: rap and metal.

Lollapalooza will return to Great Woods tonight. Siouxsie and the Banshees will not perform tonight. Seats are still available.