Jane's Addiction - August 10, 1991 - Great Woods, Mansfield, MA

Date: August 10, 1991
Location: Great Woods, Mansfield, MA
Recorded: Audio (audience)
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Dave Navarro
Stephen Perkins
Eric Avery
Morgan Fichter


Up The Beach
Standing In The Shower... Thinking
Happy Birthday
Ain't No Right
Thank You Boys
Three Days
Been Caught Stealing
Had A Dad
Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey
Ted, Just Admit It...
Of Course
Mountain Song
Jane Says

Show Information:

This was the 2nd of 2 Boston area Lollapalooza 1991 shows.  Eric Avery, Dave Navarro, Ice-T and Gibby Hanyes joined Nine Inch Nails on stage to perform "Head Like A Hole" at the end of NIN's set.

Recording Information:

Decent audience recording. Some versions are missing "Jane Says". 68:45.

Notable Moments:

Perry leads a "Happy Birthday" song to "our conquistador, Taran" (unsure spelling).

(before "Three Days")
"What's up? I was checking out your city today. Nice city you got here. [crowd applauds.] Aw, I guess you don't think very much of it. Well, I do. Hey man, are you afraid of us or something? Come on up. That's cool. Mr. Security, hey hey, it's cool. She ain't gonna kill me."

(in the beginning of "Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey")
"Yeah, I like black people. I think everyone should own one."

Thanks go out to David Michael Brandt for the first ticket stub scan.