Porno For Pyros - July 13, 1996 - Mosport Park, Clarington, ON

Date: July 13, 1996
Location: Mosport Park, Clarington, ON
Recorded: Audio
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Stephen Perkins
Peter DiStefano
Martina Topley-Bird
Mike Watt
Artwork: Tickets
Press Release

Set List:

Porpoise Head
A Little Sadness
Wishing Well
Porno For Pyros
Good God's Urge
Martina From Tricky - Israelite
Cursed Female
Dogs Rule The Night
Black Girlfriend
Bad Shit
Tahitian Moon

Show Information:

Porno For Pyros were a part of the Lollapalooza-eqs  Edenfest music festival, playing the second day.

Bands that appeared on the on the main stage:
Elk, Tracy Bonham, Spacehog, Everclear, Odds, Love & Rockets, Porno For Pyros, Live, The Hip

Bands that appeared on the second stage:
Hoarse, Supergarage, Hell Billys, Muse, Ruth Ruth, 7 Year Bitch, Letters to Cleo, Solution ad, Screamin' CW, Sky Diggers, Buzzcocks

Only video source known for this show appears in clips on MuchMusic's coverage of this show.

Show confirmed by the following article:

The Toronto Sun
July 14, 1996, Sunday, Final EDITION

And on the second day ... Eden Musicfest reached its pinnacle last night at Mosport Park outside of Bowmanville with a performance by The Tragically Hip.

It was the only concert appearance the band will make in Canada this summer. Edenfest's population swelled to 50,000 in time for the Hip's set.

The Kingston-based heroes were widely regarded as the band to see at the three-day festival. In typically fine trim, the band threw the low-key crowd into head-bobbing pandemonium.

Other mainstage performers yesterday included Live, Porno For Pyros, Everclear and Love And Rockets. The Catherine Wheel, The Watchmen, Ani DiFranco, and a "surprise guest" are scheduled to close Edenfest today. At press time, the final act was yet to be confirmed by organizers.

"I wouldn't be disappointed at all if it was The Hip again," said Eden-dweller Sandro Curro, 18, of Toronto. "I'm not here to see all the bands," he added. "But everybody's been really cool."

Nick Gallagher, 20, of Toronto had only one complaint. "It's a bit too expensive," he said. "But (some food vendors) have given us a break.

"I also like the fact that it's a mature crowd, not like some all-ages battle-of-the-bands at a club."

On top of the unanimous love of The Hip, audience repsonse to earlier bands was positive yesterday.

Things got off to a pokey start - perhaps the outcome of too much campsite partying Friday night - with grunge revivalists Elk. But solo artist Tracy Bonham was the first big draw of the day, pulling in bodies from the beer tents, midway, and tent cities.

Spacehog were also an early hit. The British band upped the temperature in the giant mosh pit and provided a big rock sound that suited the vast venue.

That said, it was a lack of more varied bands that worked against the otherwise successful festival. The second stage provided some options, like up-and-comers Solution A.D. and Supergarage and local mainstays, Skydiggers. Punk veterans Buzzcocks may have been the weekend's best band so far, turning the second stage into a sea of pogo-dancing lunatics..

But a wider musical spectrum might have been created with the inclusion of more unconventional, non-rock bands. Considering this weekend was the first time for Edenfest, and the first-ever of its size in Canada, Buffalo-based promoters ICONcerts can't be faulted for not throwing musical curve balls at the audience.

"I think there's a diverse band list here," said ICON president Mark Drost. "We could have done more. In the future we'll have a little more leverage to take some chances."

Eden organizers had enough to deal with given the difficult nature of hosting a three-day party for 50,000 people. So, as Edenfest was shaping up to be a fairly predictable musical ride yesterday, the members of its mini-civilization supplied the real edge.

Power to the people!