Jane's Addiction - May 05, 2010 - Bardot, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Date: May 05, 2010
Location: Bardot, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded: Audio (soundboard)
Audio (audience)
Video (proshot)
Video (mobile)
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Dave Navarro
Stephen Perkins
Duff McKagan


Sound Check: (incomplete)
Ain't No Right
Had A Dad
Broken People
Another Soul Mate
Pigs In Zen

Mountain Song
Had A Dad
Happy Birthday
Another Soul Mate
Pigs In Zen
Ain't No Right
Ocean Size
Mr. Brownstone (tease)

Show Information:

This was a free show that Jane's Addiction performed to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and was originally advertised as a short 5 song concert.  This show marked the first public performance by Jane's Addiction with Duff McKagan on bass.  Attendance was only guaranteed to the first 100 people in line, although more were able to get in.  Additionally, the band gave away a handful of VIP passes to fans online a few days before the show.  Also, the first few people in line were also given free posters for this show by the band's management.

This show was the premier of the song Another Soul Mate.  Initially the band had planned on playing a different new song, Broken People, which they performed during sound check, but decided to play Another Soul Mate this night instead.

During the show, the band and crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to Duff McKagan's wife, Susan Holmes McKagan.  Susan was even presented with a cake, complete with candles ablaze, to blow out.

At the end of the show, Dave teased a bit of the Guns 'N Roses song Mr. Brownstone, which Duff laughed off.

Recording Information:

This show was recorded professionally by the band at the soundboard and on video.  Additionally, there were several audience recordings.  Audience video was all taken by digital camera, however an analog audience sound recording was also taken and released online.

Live public debut of Duff McKagan on bass, and premier of the new song "Soul Mate". This show was recorded on both audio and video, both professionally at the soundboard and by the audience. The band also sang Happy Birthday to Duff's wife Susan Holmes McKagan, and even presented her a cake with candles to blow out. Dave teases a bit of "Mr. Brownstone", a Guns 'N Roses song, after Ocean Size, to which Duff laughed off .

Thanks go out to Rob Fess for the multi-colored wristband.