Perry Farrell - January ?, 1987 - KXLU Loyola Marymount College Radio, Los Angeles, CA

Date: January ?, 1987
Location: KXLU Loyola Marymount College Radio, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded: Audio (studio)
Status: Questionable
Type: Radio
Lineup: Perry Farrell


Standing In The Shower... Thinking [read Live By Perry]
Chicken Little Baby [Little Richard Song Played Off An Album]
(unknown) [Nick Cave Song Played Off An Album]
Young Lovers [read Live By Perry]
Ocean Size [read Live By Perry]
Idiots Rule [read Live By Perry]
Is Our Society The Result Of Modern Psychology, Or Is Our Psychology The Result Of Modern Society? [read Live By Perry]
Perry Farrell On Running Away [read Live By Perry]
Kerosene [Big Black Song Played Off An Album]

Show Information:

This show was originally thought to have taken place on 12/15/86 - however, during the show a Big Black song is played. Afterward, Perry mentions that Jane's Addiction played with them in San Francisco. We know Jane's opened for Big Black on January 19, 1987. Therefore this show had to take place after that, and it is estimated that this show actually took place between 1/23/87 - 2/1/87.

Spoken word radio show with Perry Farrell on the college radio station KXLU. It features Perry chatting with the DJ, reading poetry, and picking a few songs. One of the pieces he reads would later go on to become lyrics to the Jane's Addiction song "Standing In The Shower... Thinking". Perry also recites lyrics from two previously written Jane's songs, "Ocean Size" and "Idiots Rule". The last piece he reads is a story written for Contrast magazine called "Perry Farrell on Running Away".

The songs are not included in the known source of this show going around.

Thanks go out to Gavin/SDW for clearing up the info on this show.