Psi Com - October 29, 1983 - 1406 Alta Vista, Los Angeles, CA

Date: October 29, 1983
Location: 1406 Alta Vista, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded: No known recording
Status: Unconfirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Aaron Sherer
Vince Duran
Mariska Leyssius
Rich Evac

Show Information:

Halloween Party featuring music by Psi Com.

We know the show happened, but we haven't been able to lock down the location.  There are a couple of "Alta Vista" roads in the Los Angeles area.  The highest contender is "North Alta Vista Blvd".  There is presently no 1406 on that street, however all of the buildings on the side of the block where 1406 would be were all built after 1983.  Being that this location is closest to the other gigs Psi-Com performed around that time, we believe it is very likely that this is where this show took place.

Other contenders are an "Alta Vista Way" in Laguna Beach, and "Alta Vista Drive" in Vista, CA.

Big thanks to Jay for sharing the flyer.