Psi Com - July 14, 1984 - Anti-Club @ Helen's Place, Los Angeles, CA

Date: July 14, 1984
Location: Anti-Club @ Helen's Place, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded: No known recording
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Aaron Sherer
Vince Duran
Mariska Leyssius
Rich Evac
Artwork: Flyer Front
Flyer Back
Flyer 3
Article 1
Article 1 Close Up
Article 2

Show Information:

Chill Factor and Fat & Fucked Up also performed.  According to Rich Evac, this is the last show that he and Mariska Leyssius played with the band.

Huge thanks to Jay for sharing the two-sided flyer, and Barton for the second flyer.