Psi Com - January 05, 1985 - Gila Monster Jamboree, Mojave Desert, CA

Date: January 05, 1985
Location: Gila Monster Jamboree, Mojave Desert, CA
Recorded: Audio
Status: Confirmed
Type: Concert
Lineup: Perry Farrell
Aaron Sherer
Vince Duran
Kelly Wheeler
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Ticket 3
Ticket 4
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Set List:

14th Floor
Psi Com Theme

Show Information:

This show was a "Desolation Center" event organized by Perry's Wilton House roommate Stuart Swezey.

It took place in the Mojave Desert and was billed as the "Gila Monster Jamboree".

Psi Com opened for Sonic Youth. The Meat Puppets and Redd Kross were also on the bill.

According to the L.A. Weekly a helicopter flew over the show and photographs were taken. The photos were later used as evidence against Stuart Swezey when he was charged with trespassing.

The Anti-Club held a benefit for Stuart Swezey on August 4, 1985.