Satellite Party - June 05, 2007 - Studio 69, Sirius Satellite Radio, New York City, NY

Date: June 05, 2007
Location: Studio 69, Sirius Satellite Radio, New York City, NY
Recorded: Video (studio)
Audio (studio)
Status: Confirmed
Type: Radio


Been Caught Stealing
Wish Upon A Dog Star

Show Information:

Satellite Party's appearance on the Howard Stern Show, and the Wrap-Up Show. Footage from this interview was show on HowardTV on OnDemand. Here is a summary of this concert by

During the commercial break Howard was talking to Perry Farrell about his ''rock star stubble'' while doing a commercial for a shaver. Howard said that's what he wants on his face and tired to figure out how to do it. After the break we heard a prank call that Richard made to a pharmacy claiming he had the dry heaves using audio clips of a guy coming. Howard came back after a few minutes of KoRn's ''Y'all Want a Single'' and said that there were too many F-words in there even for him.

Howard had Perry Farrell sitting in the studio and asked him if he's clean now. Perry gave him a very enthusiastic ''No!'' Howard asked him if he's on Subutex like Artie is. Perry said no to that as well. Howard asked him if it's true that he claims he looks so young because of the drugs he's taken. Perry said that might be true because the maturity level stays low if you take drugs. He said that cocaine is one of his favorites and sex is great on that stuff.

Howard also talked to Perry's wife who was in the studio. He told her that she's beautiful and asked if Perry can meet her needs. She said that he does. She said that she doesn't bring other women into the bed or anything like that. Perry said he'll dress up as a woman and pretend like that's another woman in bed. He also said that he'd have no problem bringing another man or woman into bed with them.

Howard asked Perry what he's going to tell his children when they come to him and ask about drug use. He said he'll tell them to check them out but not be a fool about it. He said he'd like them to keep it together, that's all that matters to him. Howard said Perry is a weird dude. Sometimes he thinks he's pretty normal but then he brought in a bag of tiffilin.

Howard asked Perry how he deals with the drug thing when he has to go out and work. Perry said you have to just tell yourself that you have to go to work and just don't do it. Howard said that Perry and his band all sounded great when they were rehearsing. He said that they have this one girl in the band who looks really hot. He talked to her about how hot she is and found out she only plays in Perry's band. Howard wanted to hear her play something to prove she knew how to play. She said she didn't take any schooling for that. She was wearing a belly shirt so Howard told her how hot that was. He said that not enough women wear that kind of thing these days.

Howard asked what happened with Dave Navarro leaving Jane's Addiction. Perry said he thinks that Dave is trying to be a DJ or something just like Howard. Howard said it's kind of weird that he went off to do that Rock Star Supernova show. They spent a minute on that and then asked Perry to perform ''Been Caught Stealing.''

Howard asked Perry if he would ever appear on American Idol. Perry said that show reduces the art of music to a contest and he doesn't get that. He said that they're talking about self expression, not some kind of contest. He said he wouldn't go on there to expose his music to the people that watch the show, he'd rather just expose his genitals to his wife.

Perry said that they just started their tour with the band Satellite Party. Howard talked to him about that for a second and then got back to Perry's wife and asked how they met. She said that they met when she was dancing during his shows. Howard went through that story a little bit and then got back to Perry and his band. He gave them a plug for their new album ''Ultra Payloaded'' and then had them perform ''Been Caught Stealing.''

After the song Howard said that's the way to do it. Perry said that was just for Robin and Howard since they hadn't seen them in so long. Howard said that he'd have to bang Perry's wife after that. Perry said that they might have to get together for dinner so he can see Howard's girl as well.

Howard talked to Perry about his band and their new album. Gary came in and said that they were going to play their new single before they left. Howard said he wanted to do that and he would get to it. Perry asked Howard if he would invite him to his wedding. Howard said he's not sure if he's even going to have a wedding. He said he's pretty sure that Perry didn't have a big wedding. Perry's wife said that they eloped and didn't have a big one either. Howard said that Perry could some to the party after they're married but he might have to be the band there.

Perry said that satellite radio is great and he actually has SIRIUS. His wife said they didn't have a choice when they bought their car. Howard said that's the way it should be and quickly said ''merger, merger...'' Howard thanked Perry for coming in and said he was going to play their new single from their new album ''Ultra Payloaded.'' The new single is ''Wish Upon a Dog Star'' so Howard asked him why he has dogs in so many of his songs. Perry said he just likes feeling like a dog. Howard said it's tough to have a conversation with Perry because you never know what he's talking about.

Howard asked Perry who dresses him because he's always dressed up. He said he spends hours in front of the mirror dressing himself. He said he doesn't need a stylist because he's better than any stylist could be. Howard asked his wife what the craziest thing Perry has ever done with her. He said that he had her dress up like Dave Navarro once. Howard asked Perry if he's ever brought another man into the bed. They said that they never do that stuff and they're really boring like that.

Howard asked Perry about a sex tape that almost came out one time. Perry told Howard that he didn't tape it himself. He had a person who had put a hit out on him to get his life insurance. He said that he had hired a Private Investigator to keep an eye on him and that guy took the video. He said he was watching the Channel 2 News one night right after the final episode of ''Seinfeld'' and saw himself on the news. He said he got a call about 10 minutes before and then hired a lawyer so the guy would be forced to return the tape. He said he took those tapes and burned them in his back yard.

Howard told Perry that he's one of his favorite people and then said he was going to play this song ''Wish Upon a Dog Star.'' Perry told Howard about the people who are in the band after one of his band mates asked him to do that. Perry went on to explain to Howard that the dog star thing is related to the Sirius constellation so it did have a connection to Sirius satellite radio in a way. Howard told him that he's way out there with that stuff and wrapped up with him. He then played the ''Wish Upon a Dog Star'' song as they went to break.