Jane’s Addiction released End To The Lies video

Jane’s Addiction partnered with ArtistDirect.com to premiere their music video for End To The Lies. You can watch it here:

Jane’s Addiction Partner with ARTISTdirect.com to Premiere “End To The Lies” Music Video
Fri, 27 May 2011 11:12:16

Jane’s Addiction Partner with ARTISTdirect.com to Premiere “End To The Lies” Music Video – Jane’s Addiction premiere the music video for “End to the Lies” only on ARTISTdirect.com! Watch it now!

Jane’s Addiction entrance and engage with their brand new single, “End To The Lies”. The first taste of the band’s forthcoming, highly anticipated new album The Great Escape Artist, is one of the most delectable of Jane’s Addiction’s legendary career. Propelled by a bombastic groove from drummer Stephen Perkins, the song resounds with an arena-ready vibrancy. Dave Navarro’s fretwork is elegantly ethereal and primally powerful, while Perry Farrell’s voice reaches beyond Elysium on the hook. TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek adds a little sonic help too, blasting this off into the stratosphere.

This is timeless rock ‘n’ roll from one of the genre’s best!

Jane’s Addiction is now exclusively premiering the music video for this new classic on ARTISTdirect.com! Directed ShadowMachine Films [Robot Chicken], the video is psychedelic ride that must be experienced. Watch it right now only on ARTISTdirect.com!

About the video, Navarro comments, “I’m really happy to work on this video for “End To The Lies” with Alex. He clearly gets what Jane’s Addiction is about and the roots of where we came from. We came up in a very artistic community—this video encompasses that through merging LA streets and street artists with sexuality and the beauty of music. There is no better way to define what this band has always been about.”

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