Jane’s Addiction and Guns N’ Roses as Rivals?

Today in his blog in the Seattle Weekly,  Duff McKagan briefly talks about the supposed Jane’s Addiction / Guns N’ Roses rivalry, and a few songs from Jane’s back catalog.  The two band’s history is a long one, coming up at the same time in different parts of the L.A. club scene.  Dave Navarro even recently talked about being asked to join GNR back in late 1991, and then worked with the band for their song Oh My God! Duff’s article is a short but sweet read and you can check it out at the above link or after the jump.

There was a band that was playing around the LA clubs at the same time as my band, GNR. In 1986, both bands seemed to reign somewhat supreme. It was a good time for music as BOTH bands were really quite aggressive and original. Word was that we were rivals and all of that hooey. Maybe we were. I don’t really remember it like that though. The band was Jane’s Addiction:

“Ted, Just Admit It …” : Many know this song better as ‘Nothing’s Shocking’. It’s a crazy trance-like dub bass and drums crossed with a wailing vocal and searing loud guitars. A masterful song.

“Up the Beach,”: Ah, the beauty of a soundscape. Maybe my favorite Jane’s ‘song’.

“Pigs In Zen,”: A mix between Thin Lizzy and “Black Leather” by Steve Jones (think about it). Great JA nonsensical song structure that somehow makes sense in the context of this song.

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