Cinco de Mayo Jane’s Addiciton Style (Pt. 2)

This is part 2 in a 4 part article series about our trip out to L.A. to see Jane’s Addiction. Sorry for the delay in posting this.  Look for part 3 sometime tomorrow.

Mike and I were introduced to the guy who runs The Bardot, a nice guy who gets us some free drinks. He mentions that he wants to help get the hardcore Jane’s fans into the VIP section right up by the stage and mentions the possibility of us getting to pull a few fans that we know into the VIP section.  Unfortunately that didn’t pan out, and I am guessing it was in the end due to the VIP section being pretty full with the regular guests.  We’d really hoped to get Barton in there with us, as he is pretty much as old school of a Jane’s fan as you can get. He was still able to secure a spot right up by Duff. So in the end it all worked out.

As they began to let the crowd in, we saw just how damn packed the public side of the Bardot was.  Standing room only is an understatement; I’ve seen sardine cans with more wiggle room.  Maybe I am wrong, but it looked like well over 100 fans got in.  I had to tweet a picture of it, as it was a sight to behold.   As I mentioned earlier, while not quite as packed, the VIP section was filling up as well.  LizardWiz and Vikkivale joined Mike and I right up against the couches.

The show was simply amazing.  Wonderful energy from the crowd, here is a short play-by-play for the set list:

Stop! – Complete with Spanish intro on track from Cindy Lair. It is Cinco de Mayo after all; you’ve got to have it in there.  Perry sounds so relaxed and comfortable.  Dave is on fire from the get go.  The band sounds so damn good, and the song is topped off by some of Perry’s humor. Perry shouts “ay yi yi yi yi yi yi yi”, and says “Dave Navarro told me that means fuck yeah in Spanish”.

Mountain Song – Duff shines here plunking down Eric’s bass line with a touch of his own flavor, but keeping it true Jane’s Addiction style.  There is nothing but love for Jane’s in the entire room right now.  As I look across the room I can see the Jane’s fans getting swept away in the moment and jumping around like their shoes are on fire. I think Perry had his vocal effect set to eleven for this one, and his voice is slathering the tiny room.

Had A Dad – Perry introduces Perk on drums just before the band kicks into this song.  Steve is true to form here.  Perk is one of the best in his field, and this song really gives him the opportunity to shine. The power, the finesse, it’s all on full display for everyone present to hear and more importantly to feel. The whole crowd seems to be singing along proudly throughout.

Happy Birthday – The band and crowd sings “happy birthday” to Duff’s lovely wife Susan.  They even present her a cake with candles that she blows out.  Did I mention Duff’s wife is drop dead gorgeous?

Soul Mate – This is the live debut of this new song by Jane’s Addiction, and the crowd loves it.  It sounds even better than it did during the sound check.  As I crane my head around to gauge the other fans reaction to the new tune I can’t help but notice how into the moment everyone appears to be. Perry speaks of his love for L.A. afterward and talks about working on this new song.  Be it “Soul Mate” or “Another Soul Mate”, (Perry told us it was called “Soul Mate” during sound check but said it was called “Another Soul Mate” after they played it)  this is a kick ass song.  Still can’t believe we witnessed its live debut.

Whores – A Jane’s classic.  Perry introduces this one “Speaking about our girlfriends, let’s do an oldie but a goodie”, and with that those familiar bass lines fill the room. Duff’s bass work once again shines for all.  Perry is singing his heart out, and the band is right there with him.  Had the roof not been open already the band would have blown it open with this one. Simply amazing, Jane’s are in rare form tonight.

Pigs In Zen – They shoot confetti out into the crowd for this one, and the crowd is eating it up.  Another Jane’s classic.  Dave is playing his heart out, while Duff and Perk provide the solid foundation.  Perry sings, “I know about Cinco de Mayo” and then talks about hanging his midget cousin up as a pinata.  “But I just wanna fuck!”  Perry continues, “I know about singing for people, and being a good guy, and having a good parking space.  But in the end I wanna fuck!”

Perry talks about seeing gigs in L.A. and gives shout outs to Chris Dowd from Fishbone, Tom Morello from Rage, and Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke from GNR who are all in the crowd tonight.

Ain’t No Right – Duff and Perk start this one out, and the crowd is ready to sing along with Perry.  Duff’s bass sounds a little more aggressive than Avery’s on this one, but it fits perfectly. Once again peering across the room, I notice the fans some that have waited all day and then some for the show are loosing themselves in the music and going fucking ape-shit. It’s understandable this is a Jane’s Addiction show after all.

Ocean Size – What a perfect song to close out this short set as more confetti is shot into the crowd. Perry is singing his heart out, and the band really shines here.  I’ve heard Dave play this song at every Jane’s show I’ve been to since ’88, but his playing tonight is absolutely mesmerizing. I can’t get over how the chords are hitting me like the swells of the ocean waves. Over and over they caress my ears, but all too soon it’s over. I hold out hope that they will come out for one more, but once the house music begins I realize what a great way it was to close out the night.

The band hung out for a bit after the show before heading in back.  I think we were all amazed at just how good a show they’d just put on.  Jane’s Addiction have gotten a lot of crap for carrying on without Eric Avery, and while I love Avery’s work both with and without Jane’s, it was his decision to make and of course, he will forever be a part of the band.  Still, like I said in part 1, I think the guys have found a perfect fit with Duff McKagan.  The man has talent, and can work his own style, skill and personality into Jane’s music.  He has the rare chemistry to keep it genuine and own it all at the same time.

We decide to hang out a bit in case we have a chance to thank the band for having us out, and give them our praise for the show they just gave.

This next part was written by Mike as I wasn’t there:

After talking about the show amongst ourselves I spot Peter K. Jane’s manager who told me earlier that he’d put some posters away for us, and that we should see him after the show to collect them. I keep an eye on him while he makes his way over to my side of the room. When he gets close and I’m sure I’m not going to interrupt him I flag him over, and tell him what a great show it was.  Peter tells me about some of the insanity he’d been dealing with, and I tell him how insane the show was PERIOD!

I then mentioned that I’d like to grab the posters he’d put away for us, and he tells me to follow him. The security was tight and because I wasn’t properly banded I got stopped and had to call out to Peter who told them I was with him. I made sure to keep up with him but along the way we run into Barton. I had tried to get Peter to grab Barton earlier but the place was such a mad house that Peter couldn’t even get to him!  I introduce them and Barton follows us out to Peter’s car in hopes of snagging a multi colored poster to go along with the yellow and black one he scored before the show.

Once we get out to Peter’s car I ask if I can get posters for LizardWiz and Vikkivale too as they were also guests of the band. Peter hooks me up with posters for everyone I ask for one for, and Barton scores his multi colored one too. Now the fun starts. Have you ever wondered what a mouse feels like when it’s being hunted by a cat? Try carrying a half dozen Jane’s posters through a venue full of Jane’s fans. I have to tell you it isn’t pretty, and was a bit scary.  I survived it and lived to tell the story, but getting them home would prove to be a story in itself.

Continued in Part 3

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