Jane’s Addiction Drummer Stephen Perkins’ New Instructional DVD

Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins has a new two-disc DVD coming out later this month. The DVD titled Hands, Feet, Mind, and Soul features instruction on how to play eleven Jane’s Addiction classics. Tracks included are: Trip Away, Whores, Pigs In Zen, 1%, Ted, Just Admit It…, Stop!, Mountain Song, Been Caught Stealing, Idiots Rule, Had A Dad, and Ain’t No Right. The DVD has a running time of over three hours and will be available to order on the Drum Channel site. Checkout the preview below.

Jane’s Addiction Wow “Fans” At The Roxy

Tonight Jane’s Addiction played a special show for the fans at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood. By all accounts it was one hell of a show and if you were lucky enough to have gotten in you left happy.

Dave in action during Three Days


The band tearing it up for the fans


The set list for tonight’s show was:

  • Whores
  • Ain’t No Right
  • Had A Dad
  • Ted, Just Admit It…
  • Mountain Song
  • Been Caught Stealing
  • Three Days
  • Stop!
  • Ocean Size
  • Jane Says
  • Chip Away