First Public Performance of The Re-tooled Jane’s Addiction

Last night at Perry Farrell’s fifty-first Birthday celebration a re-tooled Jane’s Addiction took the stage with bassist Duff McKagan. The show at Les Deux marks the first public performance by the band since Duff entered the fray.

I’m uncertain of the set or set time antabuse but the band definitely played a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. Dave Navarro wanting the proper tone I presume, can be seen playing a Les Paul in the following photos.

Thanks go out to Todd Newman for tweeting these pics.

We’re Back!

After an explosive day of traffic yesterday, our database went down and we were forced to be offline for a while.  We’re back up and have made a few changes that should hopefully fix the problems from yesterday.  Thanks for being patient!

Exclusive Photos – Jane’s Addiction in the Studio

There is still no official word from the Jane’s Addiction camp about who their new bassist is, but our friend Joseph sent us these pictures of Jane’s Addiction working in the studio.  That looks like Duff McKagan to me.

Jane's Addiction in the studio, March 2010

Jane's Addiction in the studio, March 2010

Jane's Addiction in the studio, March 2010

Jane's Addiction in the studio, March 2010

Edit (3/31) Perry Farrell posted the following additional picture via Twitter:

Jane's Addiction in the studio, March 2010

Jane’s Addiction Discography Updated

I’m very happy to announced that we’ve completed our overhaul of the Jane’s Addiction discography.  All primary releases (albums, singles & demos) have been overhauled and integrated into the new site format.  Each entry includes a lot more information.  We’ve also added tons of new scans, as well as upgraded countless of our existing scans.  These articles are far more detailed that our previous incarnation, and all titles are granted a single stromectol page as opposed to pages for each version.

We’ll continue to update and improve this section, as well as continue our expansion of this upgrade across other bands.  If you have missing scans, or can upgrade existing scans, feel free to contact us and / or send new scans to submissions < at > janesaddiciton < dot > org.

Perry and Dave Make It Official

I was told last week by Perry that writing and work would be in full effect starting this week. Today both Perry and Dave made it official via Twitter. Jane’s Addiction have begun work on a new album.

From Perry:

Today the first day of writing for Jane’s. We are meeting up in the city weekdays. Today’s my first drive. I love LA, but it’s roads agony.

From Dave: – Jane’s Rehearsal Space

Jane's Rehearsal Space