Jane’s Addiction In London?

The Daily Swarm is reporting that Jane’s Addiction will be playing a free concert with Rage Against the Machine on June 6 at Finsbury Park in London, England.  However, last night on Dark Matter, Dave Navarro denied that this is going on.  So is this concert really going to happen?  Have the details not been locked down yet?  We’ll let you know as soon as we can confirm or deny this show taking place.

Perry Reveals Possible Title of Next Jane’s Album

Spinner.com has a quick interview with Perry where he mentions a possible title for the next Jane’s Addiction album, due in 2011.  That title is “The Great Escape Artist”.  Perry also talks about some of the other songs the band has been working on, once again mentioning the tracks Top Dog and also revealing another working song titles Oh Magic and The Art Of The Great Escape.  You can check out the entire article here, or after the jump.

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Jane’s Addiction to Play Rock in Rio this June

According to the Rock in Rio Madrid website, Jane’s Addiction will be playing the June 11, 2010 Rock in Rio concert festival in Madrid, Spain.  Also said to be a part of this concert are Cypress Hill and Rage Against The Machine.  We’re looking for verification from an English source.  Stay tuned.

Update: Hydro found another article discussing this on Europa Press.

Rolling Stone: Inside The New Jane’s Addiction

Rolling Stone has a new article up discussing Duff McKagan joining Jane’s Addiction.  Duff talks briefly about how he came to end up in Jane’s Addiction, the songwriting process, and the future of his old band Velvet Revolver.  You can check out the whole article after the jump.

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Jane’s Addiction and Guns N’ Roses as Rivals?

Today in his blog in the Seattle Weekly,  Duff McKagan briefly talks about the supposed Jane’s Addiction / Guns N’ Roses rivalry, and a few songs from Jane’s back catalog.  The two band’s history is a long one, coming up at the same time in different parts of the L.A. club scene.  Dave Navarro even recently talked about being asked to join GNR back in late 1991, and then worked with the band for their song Oh My God! Duff’s article is a short but sweet read and you can check it out at the above link or after the jump.

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MusicRadar Interview with Stephen Perkins

Stephen Perkins was interviewed by MusicRadar, where he discussed Eric Avery leaving Jane’s Addiction again, Duff McKagan joining to play bass and the band’s future.  Here is a quote about Eric Avery leaving

“Yeah. I can’t say we were surprised – it takes a lot to surprise us anymore. But now Duff has come into our lives and it’s wonderful. Of course, we’ve known Duff for quite a while, even going back to his GN’R days. We never viewed Guns N’ Roses as competition or anything. Back in the day, Jane’s was always hanging out with the Chili Peppers and Fishbone and bands like that, whereas GN’R were a bit more on the Sunset Strip.”

Even though you weren’t “surprised” at Eric’s decision to leave, when did you get the feeling that things weren’t right with him and the band?

“You know, you have to go back to the beginning, to ’84 and ’85. We were four people who came together, we were all very different, we loved different types of music. Nothing about us fit. We didn’t dress the same, our record collections couldn’t be more different…These are things that can bring people together in very beautiful ways when the situation is lubricated properly; on the other hand, these are the same things that can create friction.

You can check out the whole interview at the following link, or after the jump: http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/janes-addictions-stephen-perkins-on-duff-mckagan-band-future-243049

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Duff McKagan Answeres Questions About Jane’s Addiction And More

There is a quick little interview with Duff McKagan in the Seattle Weekly blog, where Duff addresses joining Jane’s Addiction, the future of Velvet Revolver and a few other things.  Here is a quote from him regarding his new band:

I have been a huge fan of [JA founding bassist] Eric Avery since the mid-’80s, when I would go to see them play at clubs down in L.A. This is not, in my mind, about me replacing him, in any way shape or form. I have a lot of respect for this band and the guys in it. The music that we have been writing is an extension of that mutual respect. AND it’s a blast! Perry Farrell is an absolute visionary. Dave Navarro has always been a guitar player who I have had a lot of respect for. Playing in a rhythm section with Stephen Perkins is almost trancelike. Kick-ass for sure. I also want to make it clear to JA fans that I really appreciate all of the kind words and sentiment directed to me.

You can check out the whole interview after the jump and here:  http://blogs.seattleweekly.com/reverb/2010/04/duff_mckagan_confronts_the_jan.php

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