Jane’s Addiction to tour without Dave Navarro

According to Rolling Stone, Dave Navarro will not (at least initially) be part of this fall’s Jane’s Addiction tour with Smashing Pumpkins due to his ongoing battle with Long-COVID.  He’ll be replaced by Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen. This will be Jane’s first shows without Dave since he joined the band 37 years ago.  The RS article is a good read, I recommend checking it out.  It also confirms that Eric Avery will be part of the tour, which will be his first shows with the band since 2010.

Eric Avery in the studio with Jane’s Addiction!

This photo, originally posted by Etty Lau Farrell on Instagram, and later shared by Eric Avery on IG and Facebook, shows Eric, Perry and Steve Perkins in the studio together. This would be the first time Perry and Eric have worked on new music together since their ill-fated attempt after the 2009 NIN/JA tour.

This comes literally days after Perry revealed that he’s been in the studio with Peter DiStefano, working on new music for Porno For Pyros.

Jane’s Addiction featured in this month’s Music Connection

Jane’s Addiction is featured in this month’s issue of Music Connection.  The band discusses a number of things surrounding the development of their forthcoming album, The Great Escape Artist, including getting back together with Eric Avery, Trent Reznor and Duff McKagan’s brief stint in the band.  It’s an interesting read.  You can check out the entire issue online for free at MusicConection.com.

Rolling Stone: Inside The New Jane’s Addiction

Rolling Stone has a new article up discussing Duff McKagan joining Jane’s Addiction.  Duff talks briefly about how he came to end up in Jane’s Addiction, the songwriting process, and the future of his old band Velvet Revolver.  You can check out the whole article after the jump.

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MusicRadar Interview with Stephen Perkins

Stephen Perkins was interviewed by MusicRadar, where he discussed Eric Avery leaving Jane’s Addiction again, Duff McKagan joining to play bass and the band’s future.  Here is a quote about Eric Avery leaving

“Yeah. I can’t say we were surprised – it takes a lot to surprise us anymore. But now Duff has come into our lives and it’s wonderful. Of course, we’ve known Duff for quite a while, even going back to his GN’R days. We never viewed Guns N’ Roses as competition or anything. Back in the day, Jane’s was always hanging out with the Chili Peppers and Fishbone and bands like that, whereas GN’R were a bit more on the Sunset Strip.”

Even though you weren’t “surprised” at Eric’s decision to leave, when did you get the feeling that things weren’t right with him and the band?

“You know, you have to go back to the beginning, to ’84 and ’85. We were four people who came together, we were all very different, we loved different types of music. Nothing about us fit. We didn’t dress the same, our record collections couldn’t be more different…These are things that can bring people together in very beautiful ways when the situation is lubricated properly; on the other hand, these are the same things that can create friction.

You can check out the whole interview at the following link, or after the jump: http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/janes-addictions-stephen-perkins-on-duff-mckagan-band-future-243049

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Dave Navarro Answers Questions at 6767.com

Dave Navarro has posted five Q/A responses over at his website 6767.com.  Two of the things he addressed was the opportunity he had to join Guns ‘N Roses back after Jane’s Addiction broke up, the common question about renaming the band now that Eric Avery has re-departed, and him doing another solo album.

It’s an interesting read, check out the whole Q&A after the jump or here:  http://6767.com/2010/04/03/time-to-start-up-here-again/

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It’s Official: Duff McKagan Is The New Jane’s Addiction Bassist

Tonight on his Dark Matter show Dave Navarro confirmed what’s been the worst kept secret. Duff McKagan is now a member of Jane’s Addiction. Duff is taking over on bass for the recently departed Eric Avery.

I know it’s not news but I’d like to welcome Duff to the fold. I wish him every success as he and the band continue to work on new music. I’d also like to take a moment to wish Eric the best. I know there are fans out there that are bummed about Eric leaving but as I told Dave on his show I’m an optimist. The way things worked out we not only have new Jane’s music to look forward to but I imagine Eric will be putting out some new music as well.

I have no idea when it will happen but Dave usually puts a podcast of his Dark Matter show up on his site. So if you missed tonight’s show keep an eye out over at Dave’s site for the podcast. http://6767.com/