Austin Show Info

Dave posted the following on his website:

The latest: We have been rehearsing all week for an upcoming private show in Austin, Texas. We have set aside a number of tickets for those of you who have signed up to the site. Stay tuned for more details on how to attend this specific event and clear your schedule the evening of the 19th.”

So for those of you living in Austin, or who are at least close enough to make a last minute trip, keep your ears open for details on seeing a private JA show in Austin next week.

Jane’s planning on something in Austin next week?

Dave just posted the following on his twitter feed:

Be sure to sign up at JA.com_ Especially if you are in Texas on the 19th_Watch the site over the weekend for details

Sounds like there is a possibility of another show before the NIN/JA tour kicks off.  Perry was already scheduled to be in Austin next weekend for a performance on March 21st at Pangaea for the SXSW festival.  Lots of people have wondered if that performance could turn into a Jane’s gig.