Jane’s Addiction playing E3 / Guitar Hero Event Monday

Dave Navarro tweeted the following just a few minutes ago.

We are playing 2 songs at E3/Guitar Hero event on Monday… We made sure to get 10 pairs of tickets to give away. More to come…

E3 is the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, which kicks off this Monday.

UPDATE (6/13): According to another tweet from Dave, Jane’s will be playing at 9pm at the Staple Center.  They’ll be playing “playing 2 songs (that appear in video games)”, which should be Mountain Song and Been Caught Stealing as the first appeared in Guitar Hero World Tour and the latter is set to appear in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock.

Interestingly enough is that both songs appear in the rival Rock Band series of games as well.  Mountain Song appears in Rock Band 2 and Been Caught Stealing is set to appear in Rock Band 3.  The entire Nothing’s Shocking album is available as download-able content for Rock Band.