Jane’s Addiction @ The Bardot Posters

The two limited edition posters created by the Colby Poster Printing Company for the semi-secret Jane’s Addiction Cinco de Mayo show at The Bardot in Hollywood can now be bought online.  These posters were printed in limited quantities and given to the band to give away.  A handful of people who were at the front of the line, after waiting out front all day, at The Bardot were given a copy of the all-yellow poster, while a very limited number of people were given the gradient version.  Both posters are printed on heavy card stock.  You can order those posters from Dance Right at the following links:

Yellow Cinco de Mayo poster ($35):

Gradient Cinco de Mayo poster ($55):

Here is a photo of the two posters side by side:

Jane's Addiction @ The Bardot Posters

Jane's Addiction @ The Bardot Posters

Cinco de Mayo Jane’s Addiction Style (Pt. 3)

This is part 3 in a 4 part article series about our trip out to L.A. to see Jane’s Addiction.  Look for the conclusion in part 4 tomorrow.

Thursday morning, my internal alarm clock woke me up around 7am PDT.  So I proceeded to go through the pictures I took at The Bardot.  I knew there were a ton of them; I just didn’t know how many turned out.  Well in the end, I had well over 300 new pictures on the camera.  Unfortunately, around two-thirds to three-quarters were unusable.  Of course that left well over 80 that were okay, and after I took out some redundant images and personal shots, I had 75 to upload to JanesAddiction.org.
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