Porno For Pyros to play The Belasco on July 7 (Updated)

Porno For Pyros will be playing a Kind Heaven After Dark show at The Belasco in Downtown Los Angeles on July 7, 2022.  From the advertisement posted by Perry’s wife Etty Lau Farrell via Facebook, it sounds like Perry will be pulling double-duty that night, as Perry Farrell’s Kind Heaven Orchestra are slated as a featuring act.

Update: Martyn LeNoble will be returning to bass duties for this show.  This will be his first performance with the band since a private show in 2009, and his first public show with the band since 1997.

July 7 Show Ad

Rolling Stone: Inside Perry Farrell’s Wild Vegas EDM Musical: Sex, Drugs and War

Rolling Stone has an article about Perry’s new EDM project.  Of particular note for Jane’s Addiction fans is the final paragraph:

One aspect is clear, though: Thanks to Kind Heaven, no one should expect to hear from Jane’s Addiction for some time. “This is a pretty massive undertaking,” Farrell says, “so Jane’s Addiction is going to take a hiatus. It’ll be a couple of years before you see Jane’s again.”

Thanks go out to ‘bman’ in the forums for the heads on on this article.