Eric Avery, Trent Reznor Respond To Ticket Prices

A lot of people have been surprised, even disappointed in the high prices tickets for the NIN/JA tour have been going for.  Eric Avery made a post on his blog over the weekend addressing it, referencing a post Trent Reznor made on the official NIN message board.

we in janes have made several phone calls, both individually and collectively, trying to find out why nin/ja ticket prices have wound up so much higher than the agreed upon price. it has been confusing and frustrating trying to get a straight, consistent and clear answer. a few weeks ago, trent told me about a ticket reselling phenomena that i hadnt understood before. i didnt understand at the time just how insidious this system is until ive had to watch it play out in real time. he wrote a really good concise and understandable explanation here. its a good read. have coffee first.

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