Reminder: Presales Start Today

Just a reminder, presales for most of the NIN/JA shows start today and tomorrow.  Presales run up to the day prior to the regular on-sale dates, most of which are this Friday and Saturday.  Remember, you have to be registered at either or to have access to the presale.  While being registered here at allows you to comment, it won’t help you get presale tickets.  The full list of presale and on sale dates and times is here.

Eric Avery, Trent Reznor Respond To Ticket Prices

A lot of people have been surprised, even disappointed in the high prices tickets for the NIN/JA tour have been going for.  Eric Avery made a post on his blog over the weekend addressing it, referencing a post Trent Reznor made on the official NIN message board.

we in janes have made several phone calls, both individually and collectively, trying to find out why nin/ja ticket prices have wound up so much higher than the agreed upon price. it has been confusing and frustrating trying to get a straight, consistent and clear answer. a few weeks ago, trent told me about a ticket reselling phenomena that i hadnt understood before. i didnt understand at the time just how insidious this system is until ive had to watch it play out in real time. he wrote a really good concise and understandable explanation here. its a good read. have coffee first.

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Austin Show Info

Dave posted the following on his website:

The latest: We have been rehearsing all week for an upcoming private show in Austin, Texas. We have set aside a number of tickets for those of you who have signed up to the site. Stay tuned for more details on how to attend this specific event and clear your schedule the evening of the 19th.”

So for those of you living in Austin, or who are at least close enough to make a last minute trip, keep your ears open for details on seeing a private JA show in Austin next week.