Jane’s Addiction at The Roxy – Flyer & Ticket Info

Jane's Addiction @ The Roxy, July 7, 2010

Jane's Addiction @ The Roxy, July 2, 2010

JanesAddiction.com will be giving away pairs of tickets to the Big Presents Sunset Strip Summer Concert Series with Jane’s Addiction live in concery this Friday, July 2nd.  The special fan show will take place on the Sunset Strip’s Roxy.  Doors will open at 8pm.  Enter the giveaway here: http://www.janesaddiction.com/contests/1067

Dave and Perry will also be tweeting away tickets, so be sure to follow them!

The remainder of the seats will be given to people who line up at The Roxy.

Ticket Info For Friday’s Jane’s Addiction Show

Dave Navarro posted the following information about getting tickets for Friday’s Jane’s Addiction at The Roxy on 6767.com today:

Jane’s “Fans’ Addiction” Concert

by Dave Navarro on June 29, 2009

Jane’s “Fans’ Addiction” concert will take place this Friday July 2nd at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip.

The Roxy has always held a special place in our hearts because it’s where we recorded our first record. And as we said we want the majority of tickets to this show going to our fans so there will be a few ways to get them from us. Sign up for tickets on janesaddiction.com starting tomorrow. Also look for tweets from Perry or myself this week to win tickets. The remainder of seats will be for those who choose to wait in line at the Roxy on Friday. Doors will open at 8pm.

This show is part of the Sunset Strip Summer Concert Series presented by Bing and is being filmed for use at a later time so come dressed to have fun.

Jane’s Addiction Announces July 2nd Hollywood Show

Jane’s Addiction announced tonight that they will be performing at a special show for the fans on July 2nd in Hollywood. We’ll pass along venue details and ticket info as soon as we can.

Dave Navarro posted the following on his 6767 site:

We in Jane’s Addiction have done several intimate LA shows over the past year or so… Little places with 100 or so tickets set aside for the fans. It was tough for a lot of fans to get in even after waiting all day for entry. With all of our friends and family in LA, it’s sometimes hard to accommodate everybody. Well it looks like we are doing another show and we have decided to make this show an event that is mainly for the fans. We are going to strip back the guest list, inviting only our immediate loved ones and let the majority of tickets be made available to the people who have given us so much over the years, the fans.

This show will be in Hollywood on July 2. Ticket information will be made available soon.

Rich Costey named as Jane’s Addiction’s Next Producer

BlabberMouth has announced that Rich Costey will be producing the upcoming Jane’s Addiction album, tentatively due in early 2011 on Capitol Records.  Rich Costey produced Dave Navarro’s solo album Trust No One.

Costey has also previously worked with bands such as Rage Against The Machine, who Jane’s Addiction recently played two shows with in Europe, Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Mew and others.

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Jane’s Addiction playing E3 / Guitar Hero Event Monday

Dave Navarro tweeted the following just a few minutes ago.

We are playing 2 songs at E3/Guitar Hero event on Monday… We made sure to get 10 pairs of tickets to give away. More to come…

E3 is the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, which kicks off this Monday.

UPDATE (6/13): According to another tweet from Dave, Jane’s will be playing at 9pm at the Staple Center.  They’ll be playing “playing 2 songs (that appear in video games)”, which should be Mountain Song and Been Caught Stealing as the first appeared in Guitar Hero World Tour and the latter is set to appear in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock.

Interestingly enough is that both songs appear in the rival Rock Band series of games as well.  Mountain Song appears in Rock Band 2 and Been Caught Stealing is set to appear in Rock Band 3.  The entire Nothing’s Shocking album is available as download-able content for Rock Band.

The Recording Process Has Begun

There have been tweets and facebook posting keeping us up to date on the writing process since Jane’s Addiction began work on new material earlier this year. Dave mentioned on his Dark Matter show last night that the band were in the studio yesterday working on pre-production and that no tape rolled. Today however Dave tweeted the following:

Tracking guitars in the studio with Jane's Addiction


Dave Navarro’s Black Door Bar & Grill Grand Opening

Black Door Grand Opening Ad

This Saturday May 22, 2010, at 9pm, Dave Navarro will be hosting the grand opening event for the Black Door Bar & Grill in Las Vegas, NV.  Dave will be hosting the event which is featuring “Otherwise” and DJ Brittaney Starr.

Dave is co-owner of the Black Door Bar & Grill, along with Nico Santucci, who owns and operates a number of additional clubs and restaurants.  The Black Door is located across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.  So if you are in the area this weekend, you might want to check it out.

Cinco de Mayo Jane’s Addiciton Style (Pt. 2)

This is part 2 in a 4 part article series about our trip out to L.A. to see Jane’s Addiction. Sorry for the delay in posting this.  Look for part 3 sometime tomorrow.

Mike and I were introduced to the guy who runs The Bardot, a nice guy who gets us some free drinks. He mentions that he wants to help get the hardcore Jane’s fans into the VIP section right up by the stage and mentions the possibility of us getting to pull a few fans that we know into the VIP section.  Unfortunately that didn’t pan out, and I am guessing it was in the end due to the VIP section being pretty full with the regular guests.  We’d really hoped to get Barton in there with us, as he is pretty much as old school of a Jane’s fan as you can get. He was still able to secure a spot right up by Duff. So in the end it all worked out. Continue reading