Cinco de Mayo Jane’s Addiction Style (Pt. 1)

This is part 1 in a 4 part article series about our trip out to L.A. to see Jane’s Addiction.  We’re posting one part per day over the next four days.

How do two guys who live near the Great Lakes get out to Los Angeles to see Jane’s Addiction?  By going to North Carolina of course!  Well, that’s at least what Mike and I did.  We met up at the airport in Charlotte, NC for our flight to LAX.  Thanks to a little bit of seat switching, Mike and I were able to sit together.  We were both groggy from lack of sleep, but we were excited at what the day would bring.   We had five and a half hours to talk Jane’s and make our plans for our two-day adventure in L.A.  Of course not all our plans would work out, but neither of us is complaining.  This was the start of an amazing journey.
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MusicRadar Interview with Stephen Perkins

Stephen Perkins was interviewed by MusicRadar, where he discussed Eric Avery leaving Jane’s Addiction again, Duff McKagan joining to play bass and the band’s future.  Here is a quote about Eric Avery leaving

“Yeah. I can’t say we were surprised – it takes a lot to surprise us anymore. But now Duff has come into our lives and it’s wonderful. Of course, we’ve known Duff for quite a while, even going back to his GN’R days. We never viewed Guns N’ Roses as competition or anything. Back in the day, Jane’s was always hanging out with the Chili Peppers and Fishbone and bands like that, whereas GN’R were a bit more on the Sunset Strip.”

Even though you weren’t “surprised” at Eric’s decision to leave, when did you get the feeling that things weren’t right with him and the band?

“You know, you have to go back to the beginning, to ’84 and ’85. We were four people who came together, we were all very different, we loved different types of music. Nothing about us fit. We didn’t dress the same, our record collections couldn’t be more different…These are things that can bring people together in very beautiful ways when the situation is lubricated properly; on the other hand, these are the same things that can create friction.

You can check out the whole interview at the following link, or after the jump:

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First Public Performance of The Re-tooled Jane’s Addiction

Last night at Perry Farrell’s fifty-first Birthday celebration a re-tooled Jane’s Addiction took the stage with bassist Duff McKagan. The show at Les Deux marks the first public performance by the band since Duff entered the fray.

I’m uncertain of the set or set time but the band definitely played a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. Dave Navarro wanting the proper tone I presume, can be seen playing a Les Paul in the following photos.

Thanks go out to Todd Newman for tweeting these pics.

Celebrate Perry’s 50th Birthday In Vegas

Perry will be at the Mirage in Las Vegas on April 11th to celebrate his 50th birthday. Perry will have a who’s who of current and former band mates as well as several friends to help him mark the occasion.

Guests include:
DAVE NAVARRO // Jane’s Addiction
ERIC AVERY // Jane’s Addiction
STEPHEN PERKINS // Jane’s Addiction
MARTYN LENOBLE // Porno for Pyros
PETER DISTEFANO // Porno for Pyros
SLASH // Velvet Revolver
TOM MORELLO // Rage Against the Machine
MATT SORUM // The Cult
SEN DOG // Cypress Hill
BOBO // Cypress Hill
and many more of Perry’s pals

For ticket information call 800.963.9634 or 702.792.7777 or visit the Mirage website.